Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Choose between these character classes when creating the new hero(ine)
There is a variety of faces (including racial types) available during character creation
This character is almost complete. Time to send her into the world of Star Wars!..
Every Star Wars movie and game must start out with the introduction
A tractor beam pulls in the Ebon Hawk to Peragus
You awaken in a kolto tank on a seemingly deserted station
Kreia: One of the many mysterious NPCs you're able to recruit in the game
A prologue is available to get you used to the basic controls
As in the previous game, dialogue choices can alter your alignment
Telos: Homeworld of Carth Onasi
Dantooine: Agricultural planet
Onderon: A backwater Republic world
Dxun: Onderon's jungle moon
Nar Shaddaa: Planet of mercenaries and smugglers
Darth Sion... A Sith who has a personal vendetta against Kreia
A Jedi "miner"?! Definitely not the clothing most Jedi wear
Ouch! That hurt! It's a miss, but it sure looks like it went right through me
Swoop Racing takes a turn... there are now changes of elevation, "traffic," and mines
Bao-Dur and his droid... That nice arm of his will let him bypass shields like this one
Am I dancing or fighting? The lightsaber forms (used even without a lightsaber) affect what movements you do in battle
You aren't the only one with special moves while fighting
A conversation with Kreia about the Handmaiden... The programmers have a sense of humor in this game
The option to play dark side is ever present
The stylish loading screens usually correspond to the location that is about to appear...
...which, in this case, is a typical Star Wars cantine - complete with alien musicians, sexy Twilek dancers, and what not
Consulting the map. The locations aren't that big anyway
Exploring a snowy planet surface. My party is posing for the camera. I feel so cold that I... regenerate health?..
Inventory screen
Some locations make a pretty good use of the third dimension
You can use such lab stations to do some interesting things...
New, cool-looking party members are joining. Mandaloreans are walking around. Life feels just... right
Hey mister, my face is right HERE!.. Another day, another bar - note the nice animations, including patrons sipping their drinks
Party menu. Over the course of the game you'll recruit some colorful characters
This was the toughest fight of the entire game for me. Seriously. Those ladies are relentless!..
Ahh, just admiring the view!..
Battle in a dark cave, with cool colored lightsabers!..
We traveled to Corriban to admire those statues, enjoy the landscape, and set up a nice mine or two
Few RPGs are complete without some ancient temples or such. Here, you fight an impressive aerial foe
Feat screen. Visas here has developed some nice feats. You go, girl!..
Dude, stop gesturing like mad and hire a new interior decorator. This Citadel hall needs it
At one point of the game you'll navigate this flying droid through mysterious caves
A decisive battle late in the game. Choose your options wisely!..