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Star Wars: Millennium Falcon CD-ROM Playset Credits

Hasbro Interactive

Management: President of Hasbro InteractiveThomas Dusenberry (as Tom Dusenberry)
Production: ProducerErik E. Stein (as Erik Stein)
Production: Executive ProducerDiane Shohet
Production: Director of New BusinessJohn Sutyak
Production: DesignerScott Balaban
Production: V.P. Product Development WorldwideKevin Gillespie
Production: V.P. R&D WorldwideTony Parks
Production: Industrial DesignBob Welch
Production: Director of Quality AssuranceMichael Craighead
Production: Test SupervisorKurt Boutin
Production: TestersTimothy Burpee (as Tim Burpee), Mark Huggins, Jennifer Kaczor (as Jen Kaczor), David Sauvageau (as Dave Sauvageau)
Marketing: V.P. MarketingJohn Hurlbut
Marketing: Product ManagerJoe Gammal
Marketing: Channel ManagerKimberly Hannaway
Marketing: Directors of MarketingGail L. Steiner (as Gale Steiner), Richard Cleveland (as Rish Cleveland)
Marketing: Creative Services ManagerSteve Webster
Marketing: Art DirectorSteve Martin
Marketing: Graphic DesignerJennifer Brackett
Marketing: Editorial SpecialistElizabeth Mackney
Marketing: Manager of Technical ServicesTony Moreira
Marketing: Operations and Special Projects ManagerTracy Kureta
Marketing: Marketing ResearchKerry McGinty
Marketing: Director of Public RelationsDana Henry
Special ThanksMatt Dusenberry, Debbie Dusenberry, Frank Ventura, M.E. Walkowicz, Roger Wu


Artech Studios DirectorRick Banks
DesignRick Banks, Paul Butler
Lead ProgrammerAdam Gort
Lead ArtistCyrus Hogg
ProducerKyle MacDougall
Writing & Video DirectionRichard Cooper
ProgrammingAndrew Szczeszynski, Paul St. Pierre, George Taylor
3D ArtChris Fram, Jeffrey Kember, Paul Stafford, Bruno Roy, Alexandre Dumont, Cedric Lavargne
Video ProductionPatrick Lau, Wyman Halling
2D ArtRon Robinson, Stas Jesionka
Music & Sound F/XMark Mitchell
Rebel CommanderDavid L. McCallum (as David McCallum)
On‑board Computer VoiceNorm Barketa
Intro NarratorMatt Borax
Video Crew: CameraChristopher Paine (as Chris Paine)
Video Crew: WardrobeAndrew Tait
Video Crew: Make‑up/P.A.Gabrielle MacKenzie

Absolute Quality

Lead TesterErnest Stone
TestersDan Schlueter, James Lambert, Paul Stone
Tester on LocationDan McJilton
Klitsner Software Design: Original Software and Toy ConceptDan Klitsner, Gary Levenberg, Brian Clemens
Toy Design, Klitsner Industrial Design, Inc.: Creative DirectorDan Klitsner
Toy Design, Klitsner Industrial Design, Inc.: Senior Product DesignerMichael Leibowitz
Toy Design, Klitsner Industrial Design, Inc.: Product DesignersBrian Clemens, Brett McIntire
Toy Design, Klitsner Industrial Design, Inc.: Project ManagerPhil Neal
Toy Design, Klitsner Industrial Design, Inc.: Model MakersJeffrey Iverson, Michael Curtis
Toy Design, Klitsner Industrial Design, Inc.: Office ManagerJean Friendly
Toy Design, Klitsner Industrial Design, Inc.: Mechanical EngineerJeff Argentine


Special ThanksGary Levenberg, Interactive Audio
Thanks toLucasfilm Ltd. and Lucas Licensing
Special Thanks toGeorge Lucas

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Credits for this game were contributed by Michael Cassidy (21218)