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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Animated Lucas Arts logo
Title screen
Main menu
Intro with Darth Vader
Close-up of the protagonist in the intro
Action sequence when the protagonist falls from a building and clears his path of debris
Upgrades screen
Starkiller can hold and crush tie-fighters
Quick-finishing combo
Interacting with a huge propeller
Mind-tricking a trooper
Environments look quite good
Hitting a flying trooper
Running through a corridor that is being destroyed by a gunship
Destroying AT-ST's with force
Baron Tarko on Cato Neimoidia
Unlockable concept art
You can stop rockets fired at you and send them back
You can pick and throw certain objects
Another QTE kill
Breaking windows
Carbonite War Droids
Nemesis-class gunship
General Rahm Kota
Fighting Gorog
The colored cubes contain experience and other bonuses
We meet PROXY again
Production budget was obviously high
Destroying small spider-like robots
Unlockable costumes
Fighting Terror Troopers and small robots
You'll need to restore power to doors and armament on several occasions
Something huge has made these holes in walls
Platforming section ahead
Crushing a robot
Fighting Terror Walker
Meanwhile, a huge space battle is happening
Jumping, avoiding enemy fire and destroying flying troopers
Clearing the path for the falling ship
Epic fall from the sky. This guy is unstoppable.
Opening a path
Character profile
Cloning facility
Showdown with Vader
Dark or Light side?
One of unlockable challenges
Guybrush Threepkiller - bonus costume