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Written by  :  Sam Hardy (82)
Written on  :  Jul 02, 2001

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From the best, you get the worst...

The Good

Story: Why bother with this section, honestly throw me a bone here....what do we have? The whole game has very little meat in the story line side of things. In fact lets call that meat: tofu. There is no story what so ever.

Menu: A nice data pad style with ok background graphics that "set the mood" along with music that is a bit too off theme.

Graphics: The ships are nice, very nice, although for the experienced old timers of the X-wing and TIE fighter series you realise that these models are taken directly from the old games and have been given a repaint and A.I tweak then shoved into the outside world. The cockpits are the exact same ones from the old games, save the text being retyped so that it is neater and the targeting screen much larger and more informal (Flashes of TIE fighter there) Then there is space, the stars appear to kind of drop when you roll or move, not slide slowly, they do that, but fall a few inches then start rolling, as I played even more I realised that this was the old X-wing engine, but with new lighting and effects. The nebulas are not pretty to look at, play X-wing Alliance for nebulas. The ships are all done nicely but there seems to be some weird texture on them that gives them a grotty look, not nice. That can be changed in the menu. Explosions are very basic, the same bang for all of the different craft. But at least they kept the random destruction of the craft from TIE fighter.

Sound: All from the older games, just thank god they were all cleaned or this game would be on Ebay before you could say "Super Star Destroyer" But there are only 7 tracks in the sound track and about 4 are used in the main game. Nope nope nope.

Gameplay: MUCH better than the other game, My joystick could be customised so that different buttons could do different things, at least they go that right. For some odd reason the S-foils button has been turned form S to V?? And why is does the N key when pressed states that I don't have a SLAM engine?? The A.I is much better, the wingmen do not become peace meal when attacked. And the shield and laser adjustment rate is still there. Then there is the Multi player, Melees, Tournaments and other weird but fun games that can be played off or online.

The Bad

Ok the game had no plot, none at all. It made some pitiful attempt with the battle modes, the multiplayer was only good with Human Intelligence, I found myself beating "Top Ace" pilots in the skirmish. The missions are bloody hard with unfair enemies that sport shields at 200%. After a while you realise that this is all just TIE fighter with a splash of X-wing thrown in with repaints, some good most bad. A rather good multiplayer makes up for this game that I am glad I got for a lower price ($20.00 AUS from

The Bottom Line

For the dire and die hard of the Star Woids (Star Wars fans) Fun for a quick romp when you are stuck on something more fun (X-wing alliance).