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StarCraft: Brood War Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Selecting a new campaign with Brood War.
Select Your Campaign
Soldier, who's in charge 'ere!!? And where is the air support, we cannot hold any longer against the Zergs!
Seems to be withdrawing. Admiral's leaving his men down there, to a certain doom with Zerg. And then tell me human kind is noble one, yeah right.
Every mission has a subtitle screen like this one before the briefing starts.
Those heroes that didn't die are still present, but with some new ones added, for sure.
Several different new terrains and creatures specific for each were added (amongst other things like new units and score).
Cruisin' via Terran Wraith over some multiplayer map in search for the enemy.
Multiplayer mode is really giving you what no other game did, and that's being able to control one side with four different players.
Different selection mark shows your units selected by other player in your team (though you both can control it at the sme time, which may then result it going left-right-left-right-etc.).
No matter having many units is helpful, but one hero may make helluva lot more damage if ya know how to use him/her/it wisely.
Escaping from the Aiur through the warp gate, while Jim and another Protoss hero are holding the line.
Attacking the Zerg hives with Protoss forces.
The Protoss Xel'Naga Temple seems to be overrun by the Zergs.
Temporary alliance of Protoss and Zergs to take on the Terran army.
Best place to have your artillery at is on a somewhat elevated position.
Zerg Lurkers are new, and the only Zerg units that can attack while buried underground.
Two powerful fleets of battlecruisers in the heat of the battle.
Skirmish battle seriously gone wrong. Note the yellow/green selection marks which allows more players to control same side.
New units the medics.
Using a probe on a snow level.
New Protoss hero Artanis.
Dugalle's conclusion within "Emperor's Flight"
Battling the Zealots
Building a Command Center in Twilight