StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Login Screen
Hell, it's about time!
Loading Screen
Choose an available planet and the upcoming mission will be explained to you. Easy, I know!
The logistic centre of the league has been destroyed and everyone is happy - well, everyone except for Mengsk
That guy is creepy.
Our hero doing what he does best: drinking!
Rescue is on their way, destroying as many Zerg as possible.
Finished all of Raynor's missions and earned one of the several dozen achievements.
The cantina of the Hyperion is a cozy place.
The bridge of the Hyperion - choose your next mission here.
The lab of the Hyperion allows you to research new stuff.
The armory displays some of the cooler units and allows you to buy upgrades.
Odin is a very powerful unit which can destroy almost anything in a matter of seconds.
The big guy is slowed down by my tachyon-field or whatever it is called
Using a horde of Thors to kill a horde of Zergs.
The TV in the cantina is always fun to watch. It even features advertising!
The second night will only last for another 48 seconds - hold them back guys!
This freaking laser is used to cut through some Protoss stuff.
She knows what happened - cool render-sequence ahead!
"Who ordered Siege Tanks onto my battlefield?"
Of course Kerrigan's back!
Research one of two items on each tree in the lab.
Getting a briefing for the next mission.
Tactical nuke detonated!
This is one of three times you'll be offered a choice.
I guess the enemy headquarters are destroyed.
This arcade-game is available in the cantina. It's name? "The Lost Viking"
Looking for upgrades for my troops.
You'll be playing the protoss for a few missions, too.
We're back on Charr - I won't tell you any more than that about the endgame.
Multiplayer: The Protoss try an early attack.
Multiplayer: This guy's economy is good.
Multiplayer: The final battle is near, leaving blood everywhere.
Multiplayer: The Zerg have some really sneaky units.
Multiplayer: Two Terran players fight it out.
Multiplayer: The Zerglings are once again very powerful even against bigger units,
Multiplayer: this Protoss expansion is gone before it has even been built
Challenges: The challenges are used to prepare you for multiplayer.
Challenges: earned two achievements - but not the gold medal :(.
Main menu
Help screen
Protoss units and structures trees and assignable hotkeys
Main title
Medics are a backbone of any infantry assault
Taking care of the infestation
Attacked by the Protoss guardians
Gathering resources can only be done when lava level is low
Attacking the Zergs across the chasm
Kerringan, left alone and abandoned, before she became the Queen of Blades