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StarCraft Remastered wisely decides to leave its immaculate gameplay alone and instead brings the experience up to current-gen gaming. With 4K capabilities and smooth graphics, new portraits and a few bells and whistles, StarCraft Remastered is still just as fantastic and compelling to play as it was nearly 20 years ago. It has the perfect blend of balanced gameplay, multiplayer options, incredible story, and nostalgia all rolled into one, and any StarCraft gamer should be drooling at the chance to return to the Koprulu Sector.
IGN (Aug 18, 2017)
StarCraft remains a titan of the genre for a reason. Though its interface lacks some contemporary conveniences, Blizzard has still, to this day, failed to outdo itself in terms of the elegant balance between three highly asymmetrical factions that was achieved in Brood War. Whether you want to revisit the glory days or see a piece of gaming history for the first time, StarCraft Remastered is a trip well worth taking.
JeuxActu (Aug 30, 2017)
Avec StarCraft Remastered, Blizzard adopte une politique exemplaire. Le prix de vente est raisonnable, les jeux originaux deviennent gratuits, l'extension est incluse dans le remaster, la touche avant/après n'a pas été oubliée et, surtout, les nouveaux graphismes ne dénaturent en rien l’œuvre originelle. Certains joueurs récents regretteront d'ailleurs peut-être de pas avoir affaire à un remake. Mais pour les vieux de la vieille, la fidélité absolue au StarCraft d'antan est une grande qualité. Il faut dire que le gameplay et le scénario étaient déjà aux petits oignons à l'époque. Si pour une raison ou un autre, vous n'aviez pas encore parcouru l'intégralité de StarCraft et de Brood War, vous n'aurez désormais plus aucune excuse pour cette immense lacune !
Impulse Gamer (Aug 28, 2017)
StarCraft Remastered is a true test of time and although the original still works well today, the remastered version is a fun experience. Sure, it’s a little clunky here and there but Blizzard have really brought the game into the 21st century, especially with its revamped graphics that look glorious, not to mention multiplayer updates. All in all, it’s a fun trip down memory lane that just highlights the memories again and for those who have never played it before, it will allow them to experience what all the Terran, Zerg and Protoss fuss was all about.
Darkstation (Sep 01, 2017)
StarCraft is a masterpiece, a landmark game that remains as entertaining as it was in 1998. The question is whether Remastered's cosmetic upgrades are worth the $14.99, as the unvarnished original and Brood War expansion are already free from Blizzard. There are fans that would like to see the original game entirely remade with StarCraft 2-quality units, effects, and graphics but until that unlikely event happens, StarCraft Remastered will have to do.