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Written by  :  Courtland Funke (54)
Written on  :  Nov 05, 1999
Platform  :  Windows

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A good, solid, fast paced RTS game for beginners or pros.

The Good

While this certainly isn't the best RTS game out there right now, there is a reason for its popularity. It is probably the most fun out of any RTS game I've ever played and the pace is fast enough to entertain even the shortest of attention spans. The single player missions are challenging and entertaining enough to warrant buying the game on your own but the real fun is in multi player battles. It's great on a LAN but works almost as well on-line on their Battlenet server.

The Bad

Not a whole lot. The AI is a little too competetive in spots but for the most part, this is a thoroughly enjoyable game.

The Bottom Line

One of the best, most enjoyable RTS games out today. Even if you don't like RTS you will probably find something to like in Starcraft.