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StarCraft Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Animated intro
Animated intro continued
Animated intro continued
Animated intro continued
Title screen (while game loads)
Main menu
Episode selection
Episode 1 introduction
Pre-mission briefing
Ingame shot (level 1)
Ingame shot (note the scenery)
Ingame shot
Inside the command center with Jim Raynor off-moped as lead.
Just be a good soldier and carry out your orders, and we'll think whether the decision was right or wrong afterwards.
Making sure soldiers are in the bunker, and defences are active.
Clock is counting down to your retreat, and yet you're winning.
With your science vessel (or you could just call it a sonde), you can decloak enemy units and check out the terrain, but it's not defenseless.
Zergs have shot down the General Duke of opposing forces. You'll have to rescue him to make him your ally.
Attacking enemy cruiser while cloaked, enemy cannot return fire unless uncovering you somehow.
When mission requires, even flying your buildings won't be too tough.
Tank barrage is the best, but they're defenseless from atop.
Sweeping through the zerg base.
Zergs are at your gate, your mission is to protect them from the Protoss, and yet to handle Zerg attacks. Some things actually sound tougher than they are ingame.
Lt. Sarah Kerrigan using ghost stealth mode, attacking Protoss spider-alike creature.
Read, my fellow Mobygames users, read that tip.
Starting up multiplayer.
Constructing a base in multiplayer.
Trying to fend off the coming slaughter.
I lost to a guy named DeathRub.
Approaching enemy positions with Sarah
Sarge, I think we hit a zerg...
Defenses from any ground or air attacks are set in place
Zerg units can dig in to stay out of sight but still keep an eye on the enemy
Not all fights are in the open
Zerg guardians are deadly against ground units and structures
Zerg Hydralisk about to attack Protoss warrior
Building a Creep Colony in Space
Transforming into a Sunken Colony from the Creep Colony
Destroying the Protoss Photon Cannon in Space
Battling the Dragoons
Transforming into a Guardian from a Mutalisk