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Starlancer Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Welcome to the Mission Briefing room
The Patriot Fighter just after being launched
An In-gameScreen. Give'em hell boys!
Ther are many camera angles available while playing
Tally ho!
EC's Basilisk Stealth fighers inbound
Blasting the Basilisk!
Basilisk trailing smoke (a la Starblazers!)
Got 'im!
Warping out
Ship Loadout Interface
[Cutscene] Enemy mothership exploding
Aquarium on board Yamato
Bandit down
Battle around enemy ion cannon
Before each mission you can change your ship armament
Visual distortion from using of cloaking device
Eliminating enemy satellites on Saturn's orbit
Enemy battleship is launching torpedoes at friendly station
Enemy battleship exploding
[Cutscene] For the crimes against allied forces you would be executed
Game have database on main heroes
Game have database on all fighters and star ships too
Inside asteroid mining facility
Intercepting torpedoes
Loosing Fort Baxter
[Cutscene] Mission briefing
Patrolling around Fort Baxter
Preparing for launch from Yamato
[Cutscene] Superior officers salute you for performing above your duty
[Cutscene] This maintenance worker forgot to power off that panel
Tug is stealing container with highly explosive ore
Watch out for enemy craft explosions
Yamato is your next mother ship
Yamato's hangar
You can even fly inside space stations in some missions
You have been awarded
One of friendly ships gets destroyed by the enemy