Starship Titanic Credits


Story, Game Concept and ScriptDouglas Adams
Software EngineeringTim Browse, Rik Heywood, Mike Kenny, Sean SollĂ©
Game Authors / Additional DesignAdam Shaikh, Emma Westecott
Positronic Robot Brains Engineered ByRichard Millican, Jason Williams
Dialogue SupportRenata Henkes
3D Artwork and AnimationJohn Attard, Gillian Best, Darren Blencowe, Nikki Bridgman, Phil Dobree, Bernie Doyle
'Pet' Interface and 3D Game Object GraphicsJack Kreindler
Production DesignersOscar Chichoni, Isabel Molina
Game OutlineDouglas Adams, Michael Bywater
Post Production and 2D Artwork and AnimationPaul Sharling, Graeme Shepherd, Mark Wise
Velocitext Conversation EngineLinda Watson
Character Dialogue Writer / ManagerNeil Richards
Character Dialogue ScriptDouglas Adams, D. A. Barham, Michael Bywater, Neil Richards
Sound DesignerJohn Whitehall
Proper Joined Up Music Composed and Produced ByDouglas Adams,  Wix
Additional Ambient 'Music' and Sound EffectsDouglas Adams, John Whitehall
ProducersTheodore Barnes, Emma Westecott
Assistant ProducerGuy Lafayette
Quality AssuranceTessa Glover, Christina Hsu, Francine Verchin
Production AccountingKathy Burslem
Production SupportChrissie Dalziel, Adrian Day, Bob Dowland, Elaine Doyle, Paul Lanier, Jasper Sharp
TDV MarketingMary Glanville
Marketing CoordinatorSophie Astin
Systems ManagerClaudio Calvelli
Marketing DemoBob Dowland
StarringDouglas Adams (as Succ-U-Bus, Leovinus), Quint Boa (as BellBot), John Cleese (as Bomb), Dermot Crowley (as BarBot), Renata Henkes (as Elevator and Pellerator), Terry Jones (Parrot), Jonathan Kydd (as DoorBot), Laurel Lefkow (as Titania, DeskBot, Ship's Announcements), Phil Pope (as RowBot, LiftBot, Maitre d'Bot)
NovelizationTerry Jones
Web Site Devised byMichael Bywater, Alison Humphrey
Web Site Produced byMichael Bywater, Oscar Chichoni, Yoz Grahame, Rob Hegeman, Alison Humphrey, Cynthia Miall, Isabel Molina
In-Flight Magazine Written byMichael Bywater, Neil Richards
The Team Wish to ThankEmanuel Attard, Ed Cornes, Martin Coulson, James East, Lisa Hinton, Mandy House, Neville Humphrys, Annibale Iarossi, Dave Knell, Tim Lewis, Robert Lloyd, Paul Mackerras, Richard Mallett, Chris Parks, Andy Pennell, Rob Pickering, Reinhard Schrutzki, Neil Trevett, Scott Willing, Scott Adams,, Need To Know (, The Onion (, O'Reilly and Associates, His Excellency The Emperor Palpatine, Pianoman Instrument Hire, Stainless Software Ltd (for Carmageddon), Linus Torvalds (for Linux), Larry Wall (for Perl), Staff & Horses Woodley Riding Stables
The Producers Wish to ThankRichard Creasey, Simon Davies, Richard Harris, Jakki Kelloway, Ian Stewart, Ed Victor, Apple Computer, Creative Labs, Inspiration, Intel, Intergraph, Metatools, Microsoft, QSound Labs Inc, Steinberg
President, Consumer GroupJack Romanos
Executive ProducerKenneth Gordon
PublisherGilles Dana
Creative DirectorJeffrey Siegel
Director of Marketing and DistributionWalter W. J. Walker
Contributing ProducerElizabeth J. Braswell
Simon and Schuster InteractivePeter Binazeski, Susanne Colten, John Crowe, Susan Daulton, Robert Francese, Dewanda Howard, Jill Mazzuca, David S. Rheinhardt, Peter von Schlossberg, Rick Stark, Diane Strack, Debora Taverna, Amanda Thornton
Simon and Schuster LegalRick Cooper, Jennifer Weidman
Simon and Schuster OnlineAri Feldman, Faye Horwitz, Kate Tentler
International SalesLloyd Melnick, Kirk Owen, Octagon Entertainment
PackagingIan Laing, Anne O'Shaunessy, Button Design Company
PublicityLana Iny, Lana Kim, Maria Poulos, KillerApp Communications
TestersBrandon Norton, Sherry Patterson, Tom Thomas, Daryl Vaughn
QA ConsultantSheila O'Rourke
Special ThanksEileen Gentillo
Titles byBrowse OpticalFX
Quality Assurance Cendant Software

R&P Electronic Media

Marketing CoordinatorPeter de Wit
Production CoordinatorLilian Hogenstijn
Project ManagerRobert de Wit
Dutch ManualThe R&P Team

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Credits for this game were contributed by Ye Olde Infocomme Shoppe (1691) and PolloDiablo (16897)