Registered users of Starship Titanic were among the first to be notified when its developers (The Digital Village) launched their next project, the proto-wiki h2g2, and doubtlessly constituted no small chunk of the 3000 user accounts registered on the date of the site's launch, April 30th, 1999.

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Douglas Adams' head was scanned for this game and makes several appearances in the 2005 film version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The end credits note that the head-shaped planet seen when Arthur Dent tours Magrathea uses this image. also notes, "Adam's nose is used extensively in [Viltvodle] as door knobs, chairs and even as temple pillars of the new bad guy Humma Kavula - played by John Malkovich."

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A book called Starship Titanic was also written by Terry Jones (of the famous British comedy team, Monty Python), and is actually quite good. Terry also does the voiceover for the parrot.

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Included in the box were a pair of 3D glasses and an in-flight magazine from the Starship itself.

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