Starship Troopers: Terran Ascendancy Credits


Chief Executive OfficerChris Mosely
Executive DirectorAndrew Heath
Game DesignNick Hagger
Level DesignNick Hagger
ScriptwriterNick Hagger
Production ManagerNick Hagger
Lead Technical ProgrammerShane Stevens
Technical DirectorSteven Spagnolo
Lead ArtistLloyd Chidgzey
ProgrammerChun Pang Yim, Dan Khoan Chau, Craig Ambrose, Kevin Boots, Darren Laecy, Pierre Prosky
Sound DesignStephan Schütze
Music ComposerStephan Schütze
ArtistAdam Bras, Stefan Kamoda, Tuck Siver, Dmitri Prokopov
Quality Assurance ManagerMurray Lorden
Lead TesterMurray Lorden

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Credits for this game were contributed by Murray Lorden (158)