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A Real-Time Strategy fan SHOULD NOT miss out on this game! Indra was here (20926) 4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars

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Category Description User Score
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.4
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.6
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.9
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.5
Overall User Score (16 votes) 3.7

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Absolute Games ( (Nov 01, 2000)
Если ко всему перечисленному добавить еще и роскошную полигональную графику, отличные спецэффекты, анимацию моделей и гипнотизирующие звуковые эффекты, то налицо глубокая и теплая могила для конкурентов. Что это, новое слово в squad-based? Новый жанр? Нет, друзья, не надо забивать голову, — это просто игра. Просто очень качественная и интересная игра.
Yeah, the movie was a big hunk of cheese. Yeah, they played The Sundays' version of Wild Horses during a fight scene. But dammit! I don’t care! It was a cool movie and this game is just as fun.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Dec, 2000)
Starship Troopers is een degelijk en spannend spel met één grote doodzonde: geen multiplayer! Aarrghgh!
Power Unlimited (Jan, 2001)
Een opvallend leuke game die de sfeer van de film goed weet te treffen en voor heel wat pittige en taktische battles zorgt. Blast those damn bugs!
Starship Troopers captures the essence of a war movie better than any other game I have played, with the possible exception of the original Close Combat from Microsoft. I noticed this feeling when I was leading my strike team to take out a bug hole. Out of the sky came a Terran dropship which began unloading Marines several hundred meters to my right. One of the troopers in the other squad fired a mini-nuke at the bug hole, destroying it for me. Before I could lead my squad over to join the others, a ball of bug plasma struck their dropship, incinerating both it and them. Though the music wasn't quite perfect and the stationary camera system was a little hard to stomach at times, Starship Troopers delivers action and entertainment en masse. If you can survive the save system, learning to enjoy the wide selection of weapons and field specialties is a worthy pursuit for any RTS aficionado. There are few instances of a good book surviving the media transition to movie or game format.
Furthermore, at the end of each mission, points are awarded to upgrade your weaponry, which improves their performance and cosmetics. The environments aren't incredible, but they are well-detailed and loaded with ambient sounds and lighting effects. Similarly, the units are a little on the blocky side, but the textures and animations are fantastic. The game is not without flaws. Despite impressive unit AI, squads seem to rapidly lose formations when switching between teams or moving around a lot. I also thought the lack of a multiplayer option was odd. Despite this, Starship Troopers manages to be an entertaining game, if somewhat lacking in complexity.
GameStar (Germany) (Dec, 2000)
Obwohl diesem Spiel letzter Feinschliff fehlt, kann ich es Echtzeit-Taktikern wärmstens empfehlen: Die Missionsziele sind abwechslungsreich, das Überleben ständiger Hinterhalte eine Herausforderung. Der Käferkrieg spielt sich unheimlich dynamisch, meist ballert mein Haufen aus dem Laufschritt heraus. Grafisch variieren die Planeten relativ stark; nach öden Eiswüsten kommt der farbenprächtige Mars. Es gibt nicht viele Spiele, bei denen Sie 20 schwer bewaffnete Zukunftssoldaten durch Missionen steuern, die auch mal so richtig brenzlig werden können und trotzdem gewinnbar bleiben. Trotz Steuerungsmacken ein echter Geheimtipp!
Gry OnLine (Dec 28, 2000)
Czas na zakończenie i ocenę wyżej opisanego produktu. Reasumując mamy do czynienia z produktem o świetnym klimacie, przejrzystym, łatwym w obsłudze interfejsie i bardzo dobrej, pełnej detali oprawie audiowizualnej (gra obsługuje efekt T&L), który niestety nie ustrzegł się kilku błędów. Tu z całą konsekwencją muszę pogratulować programistom, ponieważ udało im się przenieść z filmu to coś, duszę, która wciąga, zmusza do przechodzenia kolejnych misji aż do zakończenia gry. Ostrzegam, niektórzy siadając do tej gry mogą się ocknąć dopiero przy końcowych napisach i dopiero wówczas uświadomić sobie że minęły 24 godziny. Dla fanów filmu Starship Troopes i gatunku RTS pozycja obowiązkowa – polecam.
ActionTrip (Nov 21, 2000)
If you're one of the big Starship Troopers' fans, this game will justify the name and give you feeling you really participate in your favorite war. The rest of the strategy fans may find a lot of interesting features, but only if they are patient and persistent enough to suffer the huge number of technical flaws that may or may not be fixed in the future. As for the rest of you, this game surely won't be nominated for the game of the year. Save your money for something more sensible.
IGN (Nov 14, 2000)
There's been a lot of enthusiasm for the game. I mean, every day we get at least a few letters from readers asking where the review is. Unfortunately, this is it. I'd have loved to give the game a better score. Not on account of any love for the movie/book (see paragraph one) but on account of the ideas inherent in the concept. The designers obviously went for more of a small scale approach with this title and it just doesn't convey the same sense of scale that you'd expect from a Starship Troopers game. But even taking the reduced scale of the game as given, there's not enough excitement here to keep you interested.
The most distinctive characteristic of Starship Troopers' gameplay is its immersive quality. Most real-time strategy titles leave you with the impression of great distance from the action—the units can feel like passive game pieces that you push around. In Starship Troopers you feel like a member of the squad. You're not actually in the action yourself (ala Quake) but you'll feel connected to the team. There will be no "trooper rushes"—not because you can't do it, but because you'll feel too attached to your people to blithely send them to a buggy death. It's a bit like the multimedia squad coordination system from the movie Aliens. You are both in control and in close contact with your squad, with all the potential for victory and defeat that entails. Life and death really matter to your troopers, a welcome change from the disposable armies of so many other games.
PC Games (Germany) (Dec, 2000)
So nervenzerfetzend spannend die Käferschlacht auch sein mag - wenn ich dieselbe Mission zum zehnten Mal spielen muss, weil wieder in letzter Sekunde irgendwas schief gelaufen ist, übersteigt der Frustfaktor die Motivation zum Weiterspielen.
PC Joker (Nov, 2000)
Wem kann man das Spiel also empfehlen? Am ehesten wohl Fans des Films, die mit Begeisterung an Truppenformationen tüfteln. Wer einfach nur taktische Action auf 3D-Schlachtfeldern ohne lästigen Basenbau sucht, findet im artverwandten Ground Control den ausgereifteren und insgesamt viel unterhaltsameren Genrebeitrag.
65 (Dec 20, 2000)
Au final, Starship Troopers même s'il témoignait d'intéressantes ambitions peine à convaincre tant sa réalisation laisse le joueur sur sa faim concernant certains aspects. Le bon niveau de gameplay se retrouve handicapé par des angles de caméra pénibles en dépit de leur nombre. Les missions s'avèrent par ailleurs très répétitives pour finir par lasser assez rapidement et l'on regrettera enfin que le fond du film ne soit pas plus présent. Dommage !
Wer je von einer Mücke wachgehalten wurde oder einer Kakerlake nachgesetzt ist, der wird seine Freude an Starship Troopers haben. Die Bewegungen der unterschiedlichen Monsterinsekten wirken glaubhaft, die Filmvorlage ist deutlich zu erkennen. Leider wirken viele andere Details - wie etliche der Texturen - ein wenig zweitklassig, manches ist einfach unausgereift. Die Idee, während der Missionen keine Speicherung zu erlauben, gilt ja mittlerweile als Irrweg. Anfangs ist die Motivation auch dank der taktischen Ausrichtung hoch, später fehlt ein wenig die Abwechslung.
60 (UK) (Dec 25, 2000)
Here is a game that has all the right atmosphere and, for once, really comes across as how a game of a film should look and feel, and it's just the game to successfully bridge the gap between role-playing and strategy. Admittedly it loses many of the elements of each genre in the process, but manages to pull it off all the same. It's just the annoying 'bugs' that should have been spotted as problems when the game was tested that completely ruin it, with the 3D camera making life almost impossible if you let any of your squad die. Should Bluetongue release a patch that fixes these difficulties I would happily give the game a score of 8/10, but in its present form it is just plain frustrating.
Game Over Online (Nov 10, 2000)
Starship Troopers is one of those games that is just oozing with potential but comes up short in terms of production. The addition of X-Com like role-playing elements was exciting at first, but the detailed features are lost in a battlefield that focuses too much on action and not enough on tactics and strategy. The missions become far too repetitive and the lack of multiplayer is killer. With games like Ground Control out there, it's hard to recommend Starship Troopers to anybody other than diehard fans of the novel or the movie.
Was it really worth joining the MI as a Starship Trooper Officer? Considering I’m always looking for a challenge, and my stint with Ml 1st Division lacked the tactical or strategic challenges I sought. I can say that I’m glad I’m coming home. What bugs me is that even my kid sister could have done this.
Génération 4 (Dec, 2000)
Comme souvent lorsqu'un excellent film est adapté sur PC, le résultat s'avère décevant.