Originally Microprose was to develop more than one game for the Starship Troopers license. This changed when they were bought out by Hasbro. Concerned with their image due to the graphicly violent action of the movie they managed to break the original contract with Sony/Tristar and fulfill their commitment to them by producing one game. Thus instead of multiple Starship Troopers games that were promised shortly after the film had its theatrical run, consumers only received one.

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This game was originally intended to be very different, since it originally was based on Robert A. Heinlein novels rather than the popular sci-fi movie. You controlled a heavily armored soldier in squad-based missions from a third person perspective, while simmultaneously being able to increasingly take control of strategic and tactical decisions as you moved up in ranks from a grunt to a fleet commander (however the main focus of the game was 3d action).

Eventually the design focus changed more towards the rts game it is now, mainly because of engine-related issues (the design team ran face-first against a wall when trying to render hundreds of bugs on screen) and to take advantage of the more popular movie license, (as well as riding the popular rts wave).

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