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Windows version

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Main menu
Federal Networks informs you about the war just like in the movies.
Starship Troopers
Clips of the movies are used to advance the story.
Loading screen offer useful information.
Late on your first day as marauder.
Quite decent graphics...
Yes, it really tends to overheat.
First mission starts.
Your teammates sometimes help you, but you are very much alone.
Bombing run clears the situation.
These are quite annoying bugs. And not so small.
Plasma bugs are a bit hard to take down without the right weapons...
Yeah, it has a tendency to overheat.
Luckily this guy had just the right weapon.
Killing time.
Where's my fire support!?
Bugs running over barricades.
Shooting some sniper bugs.
That was too close.
Flash bugs blind you for a moment unless you shoot them into pieces...
Found the brain bug.
Fighting the X-Bug.
Damn, you are ugly.
Another job well done.
Talking grenades cheerfully count down to their explosion.
Dynamic shadows.
Some blocky MI apes charge up a hill.
It's not all outdoors - some missions take place inside Federal facilities.
Yes, you do eventually get to fire a nuke.
Defending a bunker against the bugs.
Quite a few bugs can appear on screen at once, which is bad news for you.
Inside the bugs' nursery chamber.
Fighting through more of the hive.