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Redefines multi-player gaming. JL3001 (20) 4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars
Entertainment quality is top notch. Everett Lamb (10) unrated

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AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.2
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.0
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Overall User Score (32 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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PC Joker (Feb, 1999)
Ein weiterer guter Rat betrifft das Vorhandensein eines 3D-Beschleunigers. Das Game ist zwar auch ohne ordentlich spielbar, sieht jedoch mit 3Dfx-Unterstützung viel besser aus: Innen- und Außenwelten gehen fließend ineinander über; ob verregnete Bergkette oder hell erleuchteter Korridor, nie fehlt es an feinen Texturen, Motion-Capture-Animationen, Lichteffekten und Details wie Spuren im Sand. Grafisch setzt Tribes eindeutig einen neuen Standard im Online-Gaming, akustisch warten treibende Marschmusik, gute Soundeffekte (optional 3D) sowie Sprachausgabe, die über WAV-Files auch selbst aufgenommen und eingebaut werden darf.
GameGenie (1999)
You're strictly playing against humans, sporting the most devious and unpredictable intelligence possible. To be honest, I should say that I almost bumped Tribes down a rating notch or two for neglecting the single-player experience. Then I realized how utterly unfair it would be to grade someone on an objective that they weren't shooting for. It would be like downgrading Half-Life for being a bad racing simulation. No, the bottom line is that Starsiege: Tribes is an exceptional innovator--its focus on multi-player combat and cooperation is more original and refreshing than anything I've seen in years. If you have a good Internet connection, the minimum system requirements, and a hankering for some exciting new twists on a tired but proven genre, Starsiege: Tribes is the perfect way to bring in a new year of advancements and surprises.
Freak (Feb, 1999)
משחק חובה לכל חובב פעולה שרוצה משהו קצת יותר מתוחכם וחדשני מסתם עוד משחק יריות עם גרפיקה יפה. יריבים אנושיים תמיד יספקו משחק מעניין יותר מאשר יריב ממוחשב, לבטח כשמדובר ב-32 יריבים אנושיים הנלחמים בשתי קבוצות, זה מול זה!
IGN (Jan 15, 1999)
Okay, I've gone on for about 3,000 words now and there are still dozens of things I didn't have time to cover. Let me just end with this - even with its slow down and light weapon selection, Tribes is one of the best action games I've ever played. If you have Internet access and you don't mind having your life ruined by an absolutely addictive new hobby, you owe it to yourself to go out and pick up a copy of this game. We're still hooked, and there doesn't seem to be any end in sight...
Abandonia Reloaded (May 06, 2005)
Have you ever wondered how good an FPS could actually be if it weren't always the same game over and over? Imagine being able to play a multitude of character types, each with different strengths and weaknesses. Throw in the ability to basically modify the action to suit your desires, down to the world's laws of physics, and you've got Starsiege: Tribes. All in all, Tribes is an incredibly enjoyable and addictive game. If you love action, it's a must-download.
Of course, no discussion of Tribes would be complete without a quick stab at the single-player aspect of the game (lack thereof, to be precise). True, Tribes does sport a token practice mode, and it's as full-features as you could want, as a practice mode for a multi-player game. My only comment is that people with slow internet connections may find little to do with the package, since the single-player experience doesn't really stand on its own.
Starsiege: Tribes is an extremely ambitious game. It's one of the first games ever to be commercially released as a completely on-line game with no single player aspect whatsoever. And it is good. Really, really good.
Held back only by a lack of wider 3D acceleration support and some poor sound effects, Tribes was a small step from a five-star rating, and there are those on the AVault staff that feel it deserved it. However, it easily earns our Reviewer's Choice Award and is my pick for the best multiplayer game you can play. If you have an affinity to multiplayer games I hope you already own this title, and if you're looking to get into them, surely you'll make this your starting point. Even if you don't have a desire to join the masses online, give this game a try -- Tribes will surely be the source of many conversions. The multiplayer era is upon us -- embrace it!
FiringSquad (Feb 04, 1999)
At first I was going to nag a bit about the de-emphasis on good-old deathmatch, but you know, this game really rocks. As Teamfortress, CTF, and even clan deathmatch players have known for years, teamplay kicks ass over solo play. Calbear had some good points about the sparse, spooky environment, but considering the engine's ability to churn out miles and miles of scenery with dozens of enemy soldiers, I'm willing to overlook a few shrubs here and there. What impressed me the most was the versatility of the three armor classes. I'm expecting a good number of Q3 players will opt for light/medium, but in Tribes, where you can't acomplish anything without your team, all of the classes come into play, each in multiple roles. Thumbs up!
Gamezilla (May 31, 1999)
Tribes is a knock-your-socks-off multiplayer game that will captivate anyone who likes to join in friendly mayhem with a group. Players who are happier with a solo experience won’t find anything to interest them, but if you want to join a team of players and fight for control of new worlds, this is a must-have. I’ve taken long enough writing now -- back to the game!
Power Play (Feb, 1999)
Mit meinem Lasergewehr liege ich auf der Lauer und beobachte zwei Feinde wie sie versuchen. unseren vorgezogenen Außenposten zu umgehen. Mit einem diebischen Grinsen erlege ich den ersten mit einem gezielten Schuß. Doch bevor ich seinem Kameraden zusetzen kann, ereilt unsere Gruppe ein Hilferuf. Die Basis wird gerade massiv angegriffen. Als ich gerade hinstürmen will, melden sich drei Teammitglieder, die sich in der Nähe befinden. Selten habe ich einen so durchdachten Multiplayermodus für einen Ego-Shooter gesehen. Team Fortress war der Anfang und Starsiege: Tribes macht genau dort weiter. Besonders in unserem Fall, wo es um das Zusammenspiel der Team-Mitglieder ging, konnte Tribes sein ganzes Potential entfalten und brachte Spaß pur. Es ist ein wichtiger Schritt in der Evolution der 3D-Actionspiele, und kommende Egoshooter müssen ihre Multiplayerfunktion an Starsiege: Tribes messen lassen. Für mich ist es derzeit die unangefochtene Nummer Eins. Endlich weg vom Deathmatch-Allerlei!
GameSpot (Jan 22, 1999)
In light of the game's outstanding gameplay, however, each of these criticisms is a minor point at best. Looking at the game as a whole, there's no denying that Starsiege: Tribes is an ambitious game that successfully delivers a rich and addictive multiplayer gaming experience. Any team-minded action fan will love this game, and I suspect that more than a few freelance types will also.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jul 01, 1999)
In Amerika hebben de fans de multiplayer game 'Tribes' afzonderlijk moeten aankopen, maar dat zal Sierra in Europa waarschijnljk niet zien zitten hebben met een zuiver online spel. Daarom hebben ze besloten om Starsiege wat aantrekkelijker te maken door er Tribes gratis bij te geven. Ik moet toegeven, wij zijn in ieder geval onder de indruk. Ik raad Team Fortress Classic fanaten aan om Tribes ook eens te proberen. Het zal jullie beslist bevallen. Daar waar Starsiege zelf niet echt veel nieuws heeft te bieden, voegt 'Tribes' toch een extra dimensie toe aan het Starsiege universum.
Teamwork is both the greatest strength and the greatest weakness of TRIBES. If you have a strong team then chances are you’ll have a blast, If your team stinks then you’ll be banging your head in frustration as the other side walks away with your flag or otherwise kicks your team’s collective rear end. The game lacks any sort of offline, single-player practice mode. Teams that don’t cooperate with each other will find themselves getting stomped regularly. If you’re a fan of multiplayer games, you’ll enjoy TRIBES.
If you like multiplayer action games, and want something more than another corridor-shooter deathmatch, it doesn't get any better than Tribes. Excellent network performance, slick controls, and enough variety to keep most gamers intrigued add up to a great game. Once Dynamix adds the planned mission editor and OpenGL support (the game is currently 3Dfx Glide or software 3D only), and makes it easier to modify skins and such, Tribes will be well positioned to compete with the other multiplayer-only shooters coming out in 1999.
Game Over Online (Dec 23, 1998)
In conclusion, graphics issues aside, Tribes is honestly a great game. You'll have great fun playing over Lans and the Internet. Lag did not become an issue since I recently upgraded to a DSL connection, but from looking at ping times and playing with friends who have modems, modem users should be fine in 16 player games. I was pleased with the effort taken to perfect the multiplayer experience, and it sure paid off. Maybe now we can understand how Quake 3 and other network-only games will become in terms of popularity and replay value. So if you are an avid FPS player who always finds themselves battling it out on network servers, and you're also looking for more interaction in multiplayer mode, take Starsiege Tribes for a test drive. Remember this though, there is no single player element to this game (with the exception of the 30 minute training session). This shouldn't be a disclaimer since the product was designed for multiplayer only anyways.
GameStar (Germany) (Feb, 1999)
Es ist ein einzigartiges Erlebnis, in Starsiege Tribes mit Dutzenden von anderen Spielern über einem gewaltigen Bergmassiv zu kämpfen oder sich von Mitstreitern zum feindlichen Hauptquartier fliegen zu lassen. In Sachen Atmosphäre und Grafik überzeugt mich der Online-Ballerspaß – spannender schießen kann ich im Internet nirgends. Dafür aber genauer: Die Waffen bieten zwar schöne Effekte, schalten sich aber in den riesigen Levels zu spät auf den Gegner auf. Interessant ist das Programm für alle, die Freude am organisierten Vorgehen und an generalstabsmäßig geplanten Großoffensiven haben.
Player One (May, 1999)
Ce jeu, qui a déjà conquis des milliers de fans, risque de faire de l'ombre aux serveurs dédiés à Quake ou à Unreal. Sa grande originalité est de permettre à votre personnage de voler dans les airs pour se battre (un simple clic sur la souris).
With Starsiege Tribes, Dynamix has taken a brave leap into untested waters. Only time will tell if the consumer values such multiplayer-only experiences. But if Tribes is an example of what the future holds, this new sub-genre will be a formidable contender for your gaming dollar.
Kein Zweifel, Starsiege Tribes macht eine Menge Spaß, vor allem, wenn Sie einen Server finden, dessen Mitglieder tatsächlich im Team spielen. Während der Testphase waren mehrere Dutzend Server zu jeder Tages- und Nachtzeit offen, so daß sich immer eine Gelegenheit zum Spielen fand. Trotzdem liegen hier auch die großen Nachteile, denn allein ist Tribes nicht sehr lustig, auch nicht mit mehreren Mitspielern. Interessant wird es erst ab mindestens zehn oder zwölf Leuten.
Alle Achtung, mit Starsiege Tribes liefert Sierra ein innovatives Multiplayer-Only Spiel ab. Ein schön koordinierter Angriff eines Teams auf die feindlichen Stellungen macht allemal mehr Spaß als das Niedermetzeln der 127. Gegners bei der Offline-Konkurrenz. Gut geeignet vor allem für Freunde taktischen Vorgehens mit bezahlbarem Internet-Zugang.