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Starsiege Credits (Windows)

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Starsiege Credits

Executive Credits

Executive ProducerJeffrey Tunnell
ProducerKen Embery
DirectorRick Overman
DesignerDavid Selle
Art DirectorMike Jahnke
Creative DirectorChris Cole

Game Programming

Lead ProgrammerRick Overman
Software EngineerLouie McCrady, Brad Werth, Robert Mobbs, Brian Lee, Clark Fagot
Lead Software EngineerDavid Scott

Engine Programming

Lead Programmer TribesMark Frohnmayer
Director TribesTim Gift
Director StarsiegeRick Overman
Lead Software EngineerDavid Scott
Software EngineerDavid Moore, Clark Fagot, Brian Lee, John Folliard, Louie McCrady, Robert Mobbs

Mission Development

Mission DesignRick Overman, David Selle, Graeme Bayless
CoordinationGraeme Bayless
Lead Mission ProgrammerTrevor Lanz
Mission ProgrammerSolomon Sliwinski, Jesse Russell, Chris Eastland, Hugh Markfield, Caden Morikuni, Ryan Phay, Robert Mobbs


Art DirectorMike Jahnke
Production DesignerShawn Sharp
Executive Art SupervisorJay Dee Alley
ArtistAndrew Holder, Helen Pai, Gerald Harrison, Ian Christy, Joseph Maruschak
Concept ArtistRobert Caracol, Richard Hescox

3d Artists

3D ArtistGerald Harrison, Joseph Maruschak, Ian Christy, Cyrus Kanga

Video Artists

3D ArtistRobert Borth, Jared Keller, Jon Lanz, Neal Skorpen, Michael Price

Additional Artists

ArtistKelle DeForrest, Craig Dorety, Barry Drew, Peter Lewis, Michael McHugh


WriterBlake Hutchins, Ian Christy
Contract WriterDavide Bischoff, Chris Lanier

Quality Assurance

ManagerLloyd Madden
Lead AnalystAndrew Binder
Assistant Lead AnalystTrish Bayless
Analyst Robert Quattrone Jr., Jake Martin, Erica Erkkila, Sean Frackowiak, Darion Lowenstein
Product TestJohn Fisher, Ryan Phay, Tim Stair, Karl Foster, Nick Bonnichsen, Steve Pompel, Eddie Manso, Eric Freel, Mike Inman, Dustin Wright, Peter Wittig, Travis Terazono, Connor Salisbury
QA TechnicianSue Garner
Install ProgramerJohn Wolf


Writing and EditingThe Russell Group
Design and LayoutKim McGovern
ProofreaderKathleen Holt
ConsultantGraeme Bayless, David Selle, Blake Hutchins

Creative Services

Assistant Account ManagerEgil G. Gl√łersen


DirectorMarti Holguin
Web MasterBlake Carper

Technical Services

Network AdministrationKurtis Engle, David Stambaugh
TechnicianJeff DeBraal, Brian Peck

Digital Video Department

DirectorJames Carey
SupportKate Alley, David Aughenbaugh, Sage Freeman
AudioKen Rogers

Motion Capture

Motion CaptureDonald Hom, Hailey O'Keif-Smith, Troy McFarland

Marketing / Public Relations

Vice President MarketingJeff Hoff
Product ManagerShannon Bross
Public RelationsLinn Public Relations, Michelle Stephens

Sound Effects & Voice Processing

Effects/Voice ProcessingKen Rogers, Loudmouth 
StudioBad Animals, Audio Bank, Pop

Principal Voice Talent

Principal Voice TalentMark Hamill, Bill Barrett, Melanie Moser, Kit Harris



Squadmate Voice Talent

Squadmate Voice TalentMark Berry, Ted D'Arms, Laura Drake, Krisha Fairchild, Dex Manley, Kari McGee, Tony Pasqualini, Michael C. Schapiro

Other Voice Talent

Other Voice TalentJay Dee Alley, Kymberli Colbourne, Mary Kay Ervine, Kit Harris, Blake Hutchins, Mike Jahnke, Michael J. Loggins, Michael J. Loggins, Peter Lohnes, Mike Madeoy, Ivars Mikelson, Robert Mobbs, Gina Nagy, Jesse Russell, Robert Shampain, Richard Turner, Stephan Weyte

Starsiege Players Council

Starsiege Players CouncilAdam Bahner, Alvin Elfante, Blake Arnold, Chris Huber, Chris Zeeb, Colin McRoberts, Dan Cannata, Denis Marshall, Derek Fridman, Don Whistler, EeMien Low, Eliott Norbut, Glenn Wilhoite, Harvey See, James Cabe, Jeff Baumet, Jeff Sterling, John Cusenza, John Shehulki, John Johnson, Jon Rusek, Jash McMahon, Kelt Reeves, Kevin Miller, Nathan Smith, Nicholas Chop, Rich Wallner, Rick Scheller, Ross Higashi, Roy Swonger, Ruben Reyes, Shawn Martineau, Spencer Gwartney-Gibbs, Steven Pierce, Warren Bebout

Special thanks to

Special Thanks toNTDF, CAN, SOB, BDU, Wolf Pack, Stormkeeper, Starsiege Writers' Collective, Bad Karma, Michael Waite, Graeme Bayless, Starsiege Beta Testers

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Credits for this game were contributed by Trevor Lanz (4) and Michael Dionne (285)