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Start-Up 2000 Credits

25 people (22 developers, 3 thanks)

Monte Cristo Multimedia

Monte Cristo MultimediaJean-Christophe Marquis, Jean-Marc de Féty

Development Team

Scenarist and WriterMark Birdsong
Lead DeveloperPierre Chaut
DevelopersThibaud Gauthey, Fabien Hinault (ze fab)
Artistic DirectorEtienne Jacquemain
SimulationNicolas Lartigue
Graphic Designer 2D/3DIvan Terlecki

Marketing Team

United KingdomAnna Herslow
France/GermanyClaire de La Ruelle
Continental EuropeJean-Baptiste Minard
North AmericaMarc Robert
AsiaAndrew Lewis

Video Production

Shooting and Post-ProductionLa Mandarine
IntroductionBruno Raymond-Damasio
Video CompressionGuillaume Josset


MusicJungle Line, Daniel Mason
Sound EffectsJungle Line, Daniel Mason
Voice RecordingHifi-Genie, Antoine David, Philippe David

Special Thanks to

Special Thanks toNicole Maurice, Isabelle Vanini, Jean-Yves de Lepinay

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (620292)