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Startopia Credits

Mucky Foot

BugsGuy Simmons
BugsDarran Eteo, Tom Forsyth, Tom Ireland, Mark Rose, Matthew Rosenfeld, Jan Svarovsky
Colouring InGary Carr
Colouring InRichard Franke, Mark Smart, John Steels
Bone BendingChris Knott
Additional BugsMike Diskett, Mark Adami
Plate Spinning and BalancingWayne Imlach
Whistles, Beeps and ChoonsMartin Oliver
Lead VocalsWilliam Franklin
Supporting VocalsTom Forsyth, Graeme Monk, Martin Oliver, Guy Simmons, John Steels, A piggy
Chief Game BreakersMarie Colwell, Darren King, Karl Zielinski
Additional Game BreakingAlison Bridgeman, Lisa Busby, Rob Carter, Tony Ciniglio, Philip Crosbie, Rowan Denison, Jimmy Holloway, Jake Holman, Sean Lamacraft, Kimlan Lou-Hing, Tobias Maher, Phillip McPhearson, Mathew Mengech, Michael O'Callahan, Michael Ogden, Gary Pugsley, Chris Ranson, Daniel Smith, Martin Smith, Rob Smith, Rob Stevens, Peter Tweedie, Ross Webb
Special Cheese ToMichael Burnham, Cathy Campos, James Leach
Pretty Bit at the BeginningRichard Franke, Martin Oliver, Oliver Shaw
Without whom etc.Chris O'Shaughanessy, Shahin Tandoori, Tong Tong

Eidos Interactive UK

Man with a StickGraeme Monk
Men with Bigger SticksGrant Dean, Gary Moore, David Rose
Head Breaker of GameChris Rowley
Chief Breakers of GameJean-Yves Duret, John Ree
Wannabe Chief Breakers of GameGuy Cooper, Chris Ince
Breaking the GameSalwa Azar, Daryl Bibby, Lawrence Day, Linus Dominique, Allen Elliott, Stuart Fallis, Marlon Grant, Ben Hampson, Michael Hanley, Alex Hood, Neall Jones, Phil Kelly, Byung-joon Samuel Kil, Maike Loane, Alexandre Lepoureau, Jürgen Lottermoser, Philip Maskell, Andrew Nicholas, Tyrone O'Neil, Julie Payne, Anthony Peterken,  Ravi, Jonathon Redington, Suketu Sudra, Scott Sutherland, Jim Thompson, Derren Toussaint, Marco Vernetti, John Wagland, Anthony Wicker, Iain Willows
Silicon Implants and PCBsGordon Gram, Ray Mullen, Phil Spencer, Jason Walker
Foreign Spiel SpecialistsPaul Motion, Jacqui Ralston
Collecting all the pretty bitsJonathan Rosenblatt, Rebecca West
Hyping the gameEva Whitlow
Laying out the PamphletMatthew Carter-Johnson, A Creative Experience[manual]

Eidos Interactive US

ProducerMichael McHale
VP Product DevelopmentNicholas Earl
QA ManagerBrian M. King
Assistant QA ManagerMike Orenich, Colby McCracken
Lead TesterRyan Natale
Assistant Lead TesterRalph Ortiz
TestersMatt Ranalli, Nicholas Wilson, Daniel Franklin, Alexander Strayer, Andrew Tully, Fernando Robles, Franklin Vasquez
Compatibility TestingChris Lovenguth
MarketingSean Amann, Renee Pletka, Frankie Palmer, Kim Pendleton, Matt Gorman, Randy Stukes, Li Shen
PRMichelle Seebach Curran, Bryan Davies
Customer Support ManagerMichael R. Kelly
Special ThanksMichael Minson, Gregory Wu, David Cox, Kevin Weston, Christian Chatterjee, Robert K. Dyer, Mike McGarvey

Eidos Interactive Germany

Product/Marketing LeadLars Winkler
Product ManagerStephan Mathé
Creative ManagerAnusch Mahadjer
PR ManagerTheodossios Theodoridis
QA ManagerSören Winterfeldt
TesterRalf Bauer
LocalisationBöck GmbH
AudioHastings International Audio Network
Special Thanks toThorsten Hamdorf (Schinken Village)

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Marlon Grant, 73 other games
Ray Mullen, 65 other games
Thorsten Hamdorf, 61 other games
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Michael Hanley, 59 other games
Marco Vernetti, 53 other games
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Colby McCracken, 51 other games
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Credits for this game were contributed by Pyrple (668), Wayne Imlach (83), Jeanne (76486), Ray Mullen (336) and formercontrib (159304)