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Germany flag Germany
Release Date
5 060020 460463
United Kingdom flag United Kingdom
Release Date
Jun 08, 2001
5 060020 460739
United States flag United States
Release Date
Jun 15, 2001
Distributed by
Ubi Soft France SAS
France flag France
Release Date
Jun 27, 2001
Published by
SCi Games Ltd.
Australia flag Australia
Release Date
Aug 04, 2001
Distributed by
PAN Vision AB
Sweden flag Sweden
Release Date
Aug 06, 2004
Additional Development by
TickTock Games Limited
Worldwide flag Worldwide
Release Date
Aug 01, 2014
Steam release
Patch History
Jun 14, 2001
v1.17 "Patch one":
  • Single player fixes
    • SafeDisc version 2.30 (CD Copy protection) issue within Windows 2000.
    • Occasional random freezing ingame.
    • Level-flybys at the start of levels being jerky.
    • Toughs/Snipers continue to fire at building after a savegame is loaded
    • etc.
  • Single player additions / changes
    • New Single Player level added.
    • Added a 'U' option to the Mission Selection screen for loading new levels.
    • Improved Route finding.
    • You can now exit at the Insert CD message.
    • Local AI tweaks to make more effective use of Transport Helicopters.
    • Sell and Build-Repeat Icons have been swapped around so there's less chance of you accidentally selling your buildings!
    • All structures selected are now sold in a 'group sell'.
    • Tool tip been added to resource bars.
  • Multiplayer fixes
  • Multiplayer additions / changes
Jun 25, 2001
v1.20 "Patch two":
  • Single player fixes
    • Key 'G' now gives you the guard cursor when you press it. (if units are selected).
    • Key 'R' now gives you rally-point cursor when pressed (if a factory is selected).
    • SHIFT-CLICK will now take the unit out of the selection.
    • Occasional random freezing ingame.
  • Single player additions & changes
    • Key 'A' now selects all units of the same type as the current leader that are on screen.
    • Key 'F' regroups the units into the next formation.
    • Added a mouse-slider for cursor speed
  • Multiplayer fixes
    • Improved GameSpy support and connectivity.
    • Faster multiplayer games.
    • Fixed the occasional CRC/Drop out error.
    • Now when the host quits, clients return to the Lobby.
    • Regular crash during resigns.
  • Multiplayer additions / changes
    • Improved Resign / Quit system
Jul 04, 2001
v1.22 "Patch three":
  • Single player fixes
    • Crash bug involving a Weather Centre and partially built Shield Generators
    • Crash bug involving Spies and/or Technicians
  • Single player additions & changes
    • TAB key now brings up menu for selected units
    • Improved Passive, Neutral & Aggressive states
  • Multiplayer fixes - Gamespy
    • Fixed some combinations of machines could cause a Critical Error at the start of an game
    • Fixed the issue where some fast machines would not enter the multiplayer setup screen after pressing Multiplayer on the main menu
    • Some combinations of machines seem to have a problem, we've made the multiplayer game [sic]
  • Multiplayer fixes & additions - general
    • Multiplayer now uses the same line-of-sight system as the other game modes (you can no longer see enemy units and building which are outside your vision range).
Aug 02, 2001
v1.4b "Patch four":
  • Multiplayer - fixes - Gamespy
    • Note: There are problems connecting if one player is using the originally supplied version of GameSpy (1.01b) and the other(s) are using the latest version (1.08c). Upgrading to the latest version is recommended.
    • Reduction of critical errors although there is still one problem we are currently trying to track down hence the 'BETA' nature of this patch.
    • If you have multiple player profiles available, you now be asked which one you would like to use when you launch a game from Gamespy.
  • Multiplayer - fixes & additions - general
    • Tough robots have been 'tweaked' for multiplayer only.
    • All multiplayer maps can be played without CPU players to the maximum amount of players available.
    • Team play has been added.
    • In-game options have now been made available during a multiplayer game by pressing SHIFT+O.
Aug 17, 2001
v1.41b "Patch four beta 2":
  • Multiplayer - fixes:
    • Reduction of critical errors although there is still one problem we are currently trying to track down hence the 'BETA' nature of this patch.
  • Multiplayer - fixes & additions - general:
    • Tough robots have been 'tweaked' for multiplayer only (vision and weapon range modifications) properly this time.
    • Team play bug fixed. (server never had team set properly and could cause the game to drop out as soon as it started)
    • New AntiLag(tm) code to improve performance over LAN and GameSpy multiplayer games, the gameplay is still locked between machines, but the locking no longer affects the machines performance and camera movement.
  • Known issues:
    • A critical error still exists and we have been unable to trace this as of yet
    • When reflections are enabled in AntiLag mode, fast camera movements can cause

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