The Sting! Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The intro really sets the mood.
Title from the intro
Main Menu
This is our room
The graphics look like a comic strip
Weird looking roads
You can double-click on the map to go there automatically
Avoid the police whenever possible - they can cause you alot of trouble :)
This dude doesn't like my face...
Organize a break-in by choosing the site, get-away vehicle, accomplices and tools
Breaking into a window. Notice the time gauge over your head and the sound gauge at top left.
If you bring an accomplice along you can carry more, do a job quicker with more expertise
Look through a window before breaking into the building to see who's around.
Be sure to check all locked desks and lockers.
Sometimes a plan is successful .....
...and sometimes you get caught!
After a successful job visit the pawn shop...
...and sell your loot. Even toilet paper!
Hail a taxi to travel quicker around town.
Meet other theif's to help with more complicated jobs.
Buy thieving tools at the local hardware store.
You can even view the action from a first person perspective.
Different tools are better for different things
There's a first person mode if you prefer to look around
The mini-map is your best friend for finding directions
Standard dialog options for conversations with characters
Some objects zoom in when you try to interact with them.