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The Strange and Somewhat Sinister Tale of the House at Desert Bridge Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Starting location
I should have known nothing was going to be that easy
This game contains a lot of books, some of which are real and many of which aren't, and all of which are totally useless to the game... save one.
Relaying a somewhat Byzantine dispute between Stripes the dinosaur and Zathras the turtle... to prove I can be trusted with entry into the door beyond.
In case you were wondering what that was doing on the dialogue menu...
That could be anything, really!
Important things await beneath
Storm clouds gather on the desert horizon!
The save/load menu is accessible through the inventory screen, and is somewhat thoroughly documented.
Refreshing literalism. Horaffe is maintaining the house's backup power supply.
One example of a nefarious machine
This puzzle requires the solution of another puzzle before it can even be played with
One of Kyratzes' favourite expository devices, the diary.
The kitchen of the future! Also, a nod to the Adventure Game Studio community.
Raiding the fridge
Taking a pot shot at post-modernism on the way out
A disused bedroom.
Don't worry, he's just shy.
A recipe to be followed carefully!
Penetrating the depths of the power generation station
Another diabolical device
Clearly this game has gone to great lengths to simulate the laws of physics much as we know them.
Have you ever wanted to tint inventory items? Now you can!
The interface is falling apart!
An example quest with a twist
Developer notes in an intentionally unfinished area
A typical gag
This is secretly how all cats see themselves
A cat palace fit for an Emperor!
Did we mention the author's feelings on post-modern theory?
The upstairs library
Reverting the subject of a hideous transformation... from a chicken back to a duck.
Another recipe, written in the character's voice
The plot thickens!
Can I pull up the man page on this one?
A gratuitous hallucination
Getting toward the end of things
Old Man Bill's diary, in which much is revealed