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Stratosphere: Conquest of the Skies Credits

51 people (44 developers, 7 thanks)


Project LeaderVince Bracken, Christopher Shen
DesignVince Bracken, Adam T. Clayton, Christopher Shen
ProgrammingJeffrey Gosztyla, Scott Robison, Ron Stagg, Adam T. Clayton, Eric Tolman
Additional ProgrammingDavid Clayton
Level / Scenario DesignVince Bracken, Christopher Shen, Ron Stagg
Graphics / ArtworkDavid Christenson, Kraig Count, Newton Ewell, Michael Hunter, John Kilbourn, Kelly Kofoed, Chad Lee, Keith Musig, Jill Rhead, Virginia Sargent, Mary Scriven
Additional Graphics / ArtworkMichael Hunter
MusicH. Kingsley Thurber, Dean Morrell, Paul Webb
SoundH. Kingsley Thurber, Paul Webb
DocumentationMary Scriven, Richard Verdoni
ProducerNathan Wright
Assistant ProducerDavid Christenson, Kraig Count, Kelly Kofoed
Writing / Dialogue / StoryVince Bracken, Newton Ewell, John Kilbourn, Katherine Lawrence, Chad Lee, Rich Reagan
PlaytestingClint Bawden, Brian Decaria, Todd Dowd, Gabriel Nicholas, Gary Rowberry, Lee Smith, Tyler Socwell, Cory Soren, Jeremy Thomas, Jens Thomsen
Acting / VoiceoversJoe Batzell, Nicole Coiner, Jeff Gwilliam, Robert Eric Hart, Nate Jones, George Noone, Rich Reagan, Charlee Simons, Brandy Snows
Special Thanks ToMarty Bradt, Zeke Mandel, George Metos, Herb Perez, Seth W. Rosenfeld, Jonathan Slager, Kelly Zmak

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Credits for this game were contributed by robotriot (9068)