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Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's main menu
So the story starts with the newly married Sam and Danielle at home being in love. This cut scene can be skipped if required but as a big point of the game is the story why would you do that?
After the end of the first cut scene and before the game actually begins, the player is asked to select a difficulty mode
The in-game tutorial is switched on by default. It makes its presence felt during the early part of the game and can be turned off at any time.
This is the living doll that helps Danielle. He has a couple of scenes now and a few later in the game but most of the time he sits in the bottom right of the screen providing advice & hints
After a bit of investigation around the house there's a cut scene where Danielle drives to the town where Sam grew up.
This is the dollhouse that's referred to in the game's name. As Danielle finds dolls she puts them into the house triggering a cut scene, advancing the story, and getting inventory items.
One of the many lock puzzles. This one scrambles the picture and Danielle must recreate it. Most locks just require Danielle to locate the correct key.
This is a hidden object scene and the doll has just provided a hint as to the location of an object. These scenes are well drawn and the objects are very hard to spot
Inside the Police Station. In the Casual mode areas with an interactive, hidden object puzzle are highlighted by pretty sparkly stars. In Expert mode these are not present.
At the funfair
One of the game's few logic puzzles
Another logic puzzle and its a bit different. This as with most puzzles is concerned with unlocking something
A complicated lock. To open this the player needs to find two keys and a combination which means solving several smaller puzzles.
Inside the toyshop
This chap is the police chief. The prequel chapter in the Collectors Edition is told through his eyes.
The player must create an identity when starting the game for the first time. Their name is limited to eight characters
The game configuration options. Running in a window is nice but it makes spotting the smaller objects nigh on impossible
The game is available as shareware so a reminder screen is displayed as the game loads.