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Streets of Rage Remake Credits


ProgramEduard Luna Bolaño (Bomberlink)
Game DesignEduard Luna Bolaño (Bomberlink)
Graphic DesignEduard Luna Bolaño (Bomberlink), Jose Ignacio Rodriguez Fernandez (Nightwolf), Adrian Matos Rey (Adrimus), Yves Francis (Shyning), Josef Axner (Jigsaw)
Stage DesignEduard Luna Bolaño (Bomberlink), Geo Papapetrou (Shinobi)
In‑game DrawingsC. M. Gilbert (Kiwi), David Rubarth (Arth)
Image Gallery ArtworksDavid Rubarth (Arth)
SoundtrackDaniel Barlin (Gecko Yamori), Bernardo A. Cubelos (B-A-C)
Additional MusicSeosamh Coill (Kaleth), Dimitri Becerra (Sanchizmo), David Burton (Groovemaster303), Remixers from OCRemix and VGMix
Color Palette DLL SupportFermin Vicente (credited as Ferminho)
Pachage File SupportXWolf
Spanish LanguageEduard Luna Bolaño (Bomberlink)
English TranslationYves Francis (Shyning)
Special ThanksPsycho RFG Ruben F.G., Daors, Mister X Neo, The SORR Forum Members
Very Special ThanksSEGA and Ancient for the original games, Yuzo Koshiro (for the original soundracks), Motohiro Kawashima (for the original soundracks), Slainte and the Fenix Team for the Fenix Project

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (202774), ryanbus84 (30238) and chirinea (45539)