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Streets of Rage Remake Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen (2006 version)
Title screen (2011 version)
Introduction sequence (2006 version)
Main game menu (2006 version)
Main menu (2011 version)
Character selection screen (2006 version)
Character selection screen, with Elle unlocked as a secret character (2011 version)
Blaze in the image gallery (2006 version)
Some of the extras you can unlock by beating the game multiple times (2011 version)
The cops from the first Streets of Rage are back to provide assistance (2006 version).
Start of the first level (2006 version)
This throw can take out multiple enemies at once (2006 version).
When it gets too hot, call for help (2006 version).
End of stage statistics (2006 version)
Axel's powerful uppercut (2006 version)
Driving sequence (2006 version)
Bronz is about to throw Axel. Keep the jump button pressed to land on your feet (2006 version).
Various weapons can be picked up and used for a limited time (2006 version).
R. Bear punches Axel to the ground (2006 version).
Mifune was a little too fast for Adam (2006 version).
Fighting on the roofs (2006 version).
Two-player mode: Max and Blaze (2006 version)
Skate performs a special attack in the Battle mode (2006 version).
General statistics (2006 version)
Blaze performs one of her more powerful moves (2011 version).
A jet ski section (2011 version)
One of the new bosses (2011 version)
Fighting with Elle in a Bar (2011 version)
Playing with the high quality resolution (2011 version)