Sudeki Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

From the artistic intro of the game...
The Main Menu.
Save points look like books on pedestals.
This is your first character, Tal the warrior.
Character customization is quite detailed.
Shadows, check. Real-time lighting, uncheck.
Close look at a battle.
Gazing at a waterfall...
He means business!
An anthropomorphic rabbit. No, really!
A chest and the world of Shadow in the background.
Ailish the mage fights in 1st-person mode.
Ailish is undeniably cute...
...and dangerous.
There are many optional "courrier" quests.
Ailish stats
Chieftain of village
On ladder
4 character's team
Temple's corridor
Kill giant spider
Ailish's magic
3-colour puzzle game
Slash spiders
Buki on wall
Dance with claws
Elco uses gun