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Written by  :  Sycada (191)
Written on  :  Jun 17, 2001
Platform  :  Windows

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Absorbing RPG that almost lives up to the hype.

The Good

Summoners story is good. It has a rich and full history with much to learn and explore. The main quest is fairly epic with some great cut scenes to help move it along and if that wasn't enough for you, there are also numerous sub quests that you can embark on if you wish. These are not essential to the games completion but contain rewards for those who choose to do them. The combat system is very simple, yet effective. Your characters attack and defend automatically but by clicking the right mouse button at the appropriate times, you can chain combos together for maximum damage. The quests involve many numerous game types such as puzzle solving and stealth missions. These rarely become dull and are interesting enough both visually and in terms of gameplay to keep you going. The graphics are good, at times they are beautiful such as in and around the palace in the first town and the music is equally epic. Finally the speech is very nice and suspends disbelief quite effectively.

The Bad

There is an awful lot of running around to do which can become quite tedious, especially when you have a lot of quests to perform since it's easy to lose track of where you need to go for each one. It's not uncommon to find yourself unaware of where you need to go and thusly running around until you stumble upon the answer. Some of the quests are also rather obscure and it's not always apparent what you need to do even when you're supposed to know. The characters look a little average graphic wise, often having a pasty gray color about them. The cameras are also quite good at leaving you blind while you run right into a pack of enemies and once you get several characters in your party, it can be difficult managing them in the heat of battle.

The Bottom Line

Summoner is a great RPG with a lot to do but has a few niggles that keep it from being at the top of the heap. Fans of the genre should definitely take a look.