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Sundered Credits

75 people (39 developers, 36 thanks)


Creative DirectorWilliam Dubé
Senior Technical Level DesignerGuillaume Monette-Martin
Level DesignerIan Lafontaine
Level ArtistNicholas Chabot
Lead ProgrammerAlexandre Monette-Martin
ProgrammersPaul Olle, Jonathan Sauvé
Art DirectorJo-Annie Gauthier
2D ArtistMarie-Christine Lévesque
Lead AnimatorAlexandre Boyer
AnimatorSimon Nakauchi-Pelletier
WriterCatherine Le Caroff
Quality AssuranceMédéric Bélair
Music byMaxime Lacoste Lebuis (credited as Max LL)
EsheNora Guerch
The Shining TrapezohedronOlivier Barrette
Audio Director, Sound Design, Voice-Overs, Integration & MixPixel Audio
Additional Sound Design & MixFrancois Lafleur
Marketing and Communications SpecialistRodrigue Duperron
Additional Marketing SupportLeviathan Core
Video & Voice-Over DirectorMaude Plante-Husaruk
Voice-Overs Recorded atSYLLABES - Montreal
Sound EngineerViolaine Baillard
CastingSYLLABES, Stéphanie Lamontagne
Japanese LocalizationNozomi Oshima
Korean LocalizationBada Im
Japanese and Korean Publishing SupportKakehashi Games
Other LocalizationMoGi Group
Logo IllustrationMarianne Vincent
Accounting ServicesAlain Dubé, Le chiffre
Legal ServicesAlexandre Baril-Furino (Maître), Woods LLP
Special Thanks to our Secret Beta BackersMichael Dorle, Carl Stokes, Vincent Doucet, 716green, Jaris Wicklund, Eric Vazquez, Harlan Cheer, Kyle Ott, Sceptic Llama, Michael B. Landry, NJiggglypuff, George Marshall, Dagothagahnim[Menarra], Raymundo Pedro Castaneda, Jozef Derzsi, Martin Úradníček, Martin William Pringle, Stewart Huntsman, Pedro Jurado Rodríguez, Fatun Vladimir Vladimirovich, Todd Brown, Vincent Eveleigh, Phillip Perry (The Angry Hulk), Ugo Leonetti, Mike the OrganicMekanic, Matthew Atlee, JACQUE, Matt Zulawski, Taylor Sutherland, David Morford, Joseph Senese, Andrew Phelps (andreod), Fleur Martin, Antonino Polizzi
A very special thanks toOur friends; families and significant others for supporting us on this adventure!
In loving memory ofRichard Karl Sylvester
Our PartnersCanada Media Fund
Copyright© 2017 Thunder Lotus Games., All rights reserved., Sundered and Thunder Lotus Games are trademarks of Thunder Lotus Games in the U.S. and in other countries.
OtherCanada Media Fund, Thunder Lotus Games

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In addition to this game, the following people are listed as working on other games. No more than 25 people are listed here, even if there are more than 25 people who have also worked on other games.

Francois Lafleur, 46 other games
Bada Im, 34 other games
Nozomi Oshima, 16 other games
Fleur Martin, 7 other games
Guillaume Monette-Martin, 7 other games
Antonino Polizzi, 6 other games
Alexandre Boyer, 6 other games
Alexandre Monette-Martin, 6 other games
Marie-Christine Lévesque, 4 other games
George Marshall, 3 other games
Maxime Lacoste Lebuis, 3 other games
William Dubé, 3 other games
Jo-Annie Gauthier, 3 other games
Ian Lafontaine, 3 other games
Pedro Jurado Rodríguez, 3 other games
Maude Plante-Husaruk, 3 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (742121)