Super Bubsy Credits (Windows)

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Kids to Adults
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Super Bubsy Credits

ATI Credits

Technical DirectorKen Nicholson
Lead ProgrammerBart Crane
ProgrammersRoman Druker, John Najarian
Art DirectorMark Johnson
ArtistsTony Villador, Paul Barton, Phillip Vaughan, John Xu
ProductionDebbie Gronski
Video ProductionMondo Media

Accolade Credits

Executive ProducerSteven Ackrich
ProducerSandy Jackson
International ProducerAlisa Schaefbauer
ArtistsMichael McLaughlin, Taunya Gren
Test SupervisorAlex V. Cabal
Lead TesterRay Massa
TestersJohn Arvay, Scott Barnes, Max Clendenning, Tim Gonsalves, Sam Newman
DocumentationWilliam D. Robinson
Marketing ManagerKaren Safran
Publicity DirectorBill Linn
We are grateful to to the following testers for helping us through our "final crunch"Chris Charles, Andrew Elbert, Sean Michael Fish, David Fung, Matthew Guzenda, Jared Jackson, Marie Person, Arif Sinan


Special thanks to the original Bubsy design teamMatthew Berardo, Michael Berlyn, Beckett Gladney, Rudy Helm, Cyndi Kirkpatrick, Ken Macklin, John A. S. Skeel, D. Scott Williamson
Our gratitude toMei Ang, John Canfield, Sky Chang, Craig Eisler, G. Eric Engstrom, John Haberfellner, Adrian Hartog, Alexis Himes, Miriam Muller, Peter Pownall, Henry Quan, Alex St. John, Shirley Sellers, members of the GamePC Consortium

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Credits for this game were contributed by 6⅞ of Nine (1360)