Supreme Ruler: Cold War Credits

BattleGoat Studios

Lead DesignerDavid Thompson
Lead ProgrammerGeorge Geczy
Project ManagerDaxon Flynn
Graphics ManagerChristian Latour
Lead Graphic ArtistStephane Corre
Game DesignDaxon Flynn, Christian Latour
Music and SoundDan Rodrigues
Concept ArtStephane Corre
Map EditingChristian Latour, David Thompson
3D ModelsStephane Corre, Christian Latour
3D TerrainStephane Corre, Christian Latour
2D TerrainRob McConnell
ResearchChristian Latour, Daxon Flynn, David Thompson, George Geczy, Matthew Thompson
Design Contributor / Principal TesterPeter Gilman
Satellite ImagerySource Imagery data from NASA; Topography data from United States Geological Survey. Imagery datasets compiled and created by Reto Stockli of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. –Thanks for the help!
Military AdvisorsKeith Jacobs, Richard Byrd
Major Forum ContributorsDraken / Ruges, Tkobo / Hundane, Hullu Hevonen / GIJoe597, Dust off / Feltan
Scientific AdvisorPaul Latour
Manual & Other WritingDavid Thompson, Daxon Flynn
Manual LayoutChristian Latour
Copy EditorPaul Latour
Sound EngineUses Miles Sound System. Copyright ©1991-2006, RAD Game Tools
Special Thanks ToSandra; Robyn; Sara; Rebecca; Amanda; Matthew; Nicholas; Illyana; Ariadne; Bailey and all the rest of our families who tolerate all the long hours of game development and unconditionally support our efforts.
Special Inspirational Gratitude ToThe Goat

Paradox Interactive

CEOFredrik Wester
EVP DevelopmentJohan Andersson
EVP SalesReena M. Miranda
EVP PublishingSusana Meza Graham
CFOLena Blomberg
Executive ProducerMattias Lilja
Senior ProducerGordon Van Dyke
Associate ProducerShams Jorjani
QA ProducerJörgen Björklund
PR & Marketing ManagerBoel Bermann
Product & Event ManagerJeanette Bauer
Sales AssociateAndrew Ciesla, Jason Ross
Community ManagerLinda Kiby
Finance & AccountingEmilia Hanssen
Marketing assetsM. Pollaci, 2Coats Creations
Localization & EditingBreslin Studios
Cover ArtBrendan McCaffrey
Packaging layoutRetrographics
PackshotsMartin Doersam

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Stephane Corre, 3 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Giu's Brain (543)