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Survival: The Last Hope Credits

16 people

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Project Manager (Projektmanager)Marco Sowa
Programming (Programmierung)Phillip Schuster
Graphics (Grafik)Phillip Schuster
AnimationPhillip Schuster
Music (Musik)Phillip Schuster, Eva Stingl, Marita Henkel
Sound Effects (Soundeffekte)Phillip Schuster, Eva Stingl, Marita Henkel
Package and Disc Design (Verpackungs & CD-Design)Phillip Schuster, Marco Sowa
QA (Betatester)Jörg Battermann, Sascha Bosen, Ralf Busch, Frank Düsterhöft, David Floehl, Matthias Goettle, Frank Haberland, Kersten Lohmeyer, Marc Norkus, David Ohlig, Andreas Paschke, Walter Porada

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Credits for this game were contributed by Marco Sowa (83)