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Do yourself a favor. If you have ever considered the purchase of this game, or have purchased it, get rid of it. I don't care if you think that you are wasting money by throwing Swamp Buggy Racing into the garbage right after buying it. You will thank me later, because whatever time you spend trying to play this game is better spent sitting in your room, alone, looking at a blank wall. I promise.
Swamp Buggy Racing is deeply flawed in practically every dimension. It represents the squandering of a major opportunity to create a novel and enjoyable racing experience in an intriguing and obstacle-laden environment. While the game box is mighty attractive and well designed, as has been typical of recent WizardWorks offerings, that which is inside is well beneath the current standards, even for value title such as this. A few hours of playing Swamp Buggy Racing might very well make you feel like sinking into the slime and never re-emerging.
Emerging from the murky depths of the "why did they bother?" file comes Swamp Buggy Racing, the latest in WizardWorks’ ever-expanding roster of interpretations of what others call "computer games." This particular "racing game" is endorsed by NASRA, the North American Swap Racing Association. It features four different "vehicles" (based on real NASRA cars) and delivers not one but two, yes two, wholly "different" tracks. It’s refreshing to be able to explore everything a game has to offer in less than ten minutes.
Swamp Buggy Racing honestly has nothing good going for it. It's budget-priced but still not worth it. The limitation on the number of tracks and vehicles leaves few options and the poor control is more frustrating than anything else. Bottom Line: If you're a dedicated fan of swamp buggy racing... you still want to avoid this title.
IGN (Mar 07, 2000)
I can't say I'm all that surprised about my final opinion on Swamp Buggy Racing. It's like university cafeteria food – at the moment I saw it, and especially when I first started eating it, I knew it was going to be bad. I just didn't know how bad. Hopeful future game designers, seasoned design veterans, and diehard gamers read on – this is the unequivocal example of how not to design a game. And, ultimately, a lesson on how to drive a reviewer to the brink of insanity.
Game Over Online (Feb 19, 2000)
I obviously have a strange affliction when it comes to really, really, really, really bad games that fall into the racing genre (Re: Speed Demons). From the screen shots that I saw on WizardWorks' web site, the game looked like a lot of fun. However, time and time again will tell me that you really can't judge a game by a screen shot. No matter how good something looks in a 3d accelerated 800x600 resolution (which is the maximum resolution the game supports), game play is still the most important factor. Although being backed by a somewhat unique idea, sadly enough, Swamp Buggy Racing is sincerely lacking on the game play end of the things.
PC Gamer (2000)
Every aspect of the game is considered negative, including the extremely poor graphics, sound, physics, models and very small amount of vehicles and tracks. Another criticism are the animated sequences, viewed as of very poor quality.