SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle Credits


ProducerRod Fung
Game DesignerTammy Dargan
WriterTammy Dargan
DirectorTammy Dargan
Art DirectorCyrus Kanga
Lead ProgrammerJim Napier
Artificial Intelligence ProgrammerJohn D. Anderson
Music/SFXGary Spinrad
Lead 3D Character ModelerMark Sigel
AnimatorJohn P. Anderson
3D Environment ArtistsJeff Lane, Robert Munsil, Mark Nicolino, William Todd Bryan
3D Modeling ArtistsTravis Brady, Max Braun
2D/3D ArtistMichael S. Chavez
ProgrammersJim Edwards, Brian Johnston, Michael Stahl
Lead Tester & AI SupportCade Myers
Graphical Engine & System ArchitectJim Napier
User Interface DesignCyrus Kanga
Character DesignJimmy Kowalski
LAPD SWAT AdvisorKenneth A. Thatcher (LAPD)
ConsultantDaryl F. Gates (LAPD Ret.)
Quality Assurance ElementGreg Burdick, Ken Eaton, Erinn C. Hamilton, Doug Quackenbush, Tharlie Richardson, Brad Rosenthal
Executive Producer (Sierra Studios)J. Mark Hood
Director of Marketing (Sierra Studios)James Veevaert
Marketing Product ManagerDan Amdur
Public Relations Senior ManagerGenevieve Waldman
Public Relations ManagerHillary Crowley
Documentation LayoutCheryl Sweeney
Motion Capture byHouse of Moves - Los Angeles Ca, Christopher Bellaci, Scott Carroll, Brett Gassaway, Jay Juneau, Rita Mines, Jarrod Phillips (Executive Producer), Johnny Ravena, James Scanlon, Line Spencer, Tom Tolles (Executive in Charge of Production), Diego Torroija, Taylor Wilson
Package DesignJustin Kirby (Blue Spark Studios)
Voices recorded atHollywood Recording Services - Hollywood Ca
Voice Casting agentVoicecasters - Burbank Ca
Talent PaymasterThe Talent Fund - Half-Moon Bay Ca
Firearms provided byWeapons Safety Inc - Bellevue Wa
Special ThanksThe members of LAPD SWAT, Don Anderson (LAPD Officer), Sangeeta Balani, Paul Balon, Dane Burns, Bill Crow, Ken Ford, Adam Fossa, Glenn Grossman (LAPD Officer), Mike Grossman, Keith Heitmann, Ernest Herrera (Inspector, City of Los Angeles), Ben Houge, Bob Kain (LAPD Officer), Justin Kirby, Andrew Lamprey (LAPD Ret.), Ron McCarthy (LAPD Ret.), Joseph McWilliams (LAPD Officer), John Meyers (HK International Training Division), Joseph R. Mobley, Glenn Oliver, Torsten Reinl, Andy Reyes (LAPD Officer), Louis Reyes (LAPD Officer), Khym Ripke, Tom Runyon (LAPD Lt.), Pat Scott, Mark Seibert, Robert Serda, Tim Sigel, Frank M. Sweeney, Melissa Thatcher, Kenneth A. Thatcher (LAPD Officer), James E. Veenstra (LAPD Officer), Randy Walker (LAPD Officer), Dick Warsinske, Guy Welch, LAPD Mounted Unit, Safariland LTD Inc, OmniGlow Corporation, Leatherman Tool Group Inc, Trijicon Inc, Benelli‑USA, LaserProducts, Aimpoint USA, LA SWAT Gear, Firearms Academy of Seattle, The Mattman Company, Heckler & Koch Inc., KOMO Television Seattle WA

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Credits for this game were contributed by MAT (191877), Corn Popper (69350) and formercontrib (159355)