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SWAT 4 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu (English version)
Main menu (Spanish version)
Title screen
Mission briefing
Entering a room.
A hostage
Planning how to enter.
Mission failed.
Well done!
A mission has been completed.
Spying on a door.
Ordering the use of the Optiward.
The beginning of another mission
Spying a counter.
Sometimes there is something really disgusting.
Gas grenade (also the sniper vision that informs about a room)
Armory example of primary weapon: Colt M4A1 with FMJ bullet
Example of a non lethal weapon: Pepper rifle
Armory example of a secondary weapon: M1911
Armory: Stunt Grenade. There are no lethal grenades in this game.
Armory: C2 for a fast closed door opening.
That's that I call a perfect job.
Want some candy?
A hotel's emergency light
Entering the offices.
Mission failed.
Loading screen
Suspect in a night club
Police line, do not cross.
In-game command menu
Another loading screen
Returning fire.
The door after an exploding charge
It's flooding over here.
Arrest in a Fairfax residence