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The Swindle Credits

32 people

For Size Five Games

CodeDan Marshall
DesignDan Marshall
ArtMichael Firman
MusicTobey Evans
Additional CodeLouise James
Additional ArtTom Boot, Sophie Humphries
ConsultantCharlotte Marshall

With Special Thanks to

LegalAlex Tutty
PlaytestingPaul Hoey, Ben Ward, Leonardo Faierman, Megan O'Brien, Tobey Evans, David Fullick, Robert Dodd, Alexandre van Chestein
UI ConceptRuss Morris
FontsFrances MacLeod (Abraham Lincoln font), Tup Wanders (Forque font), Eben Sorkin (LimeLight font), Nick's Fonts [MadisonSquare font], Larabie Fonts [Deftone Stylus font]
Spine Animation SoftwareEsoteric Software
EngineUnity Technologies
Steamworks WrapperRiley Labrecque
Concept ArtCatherine Unger

For Curve Digital

CodeMiles Visman
ProducerSophie Rossetti
ArtFran Court
QALouis Li, Paul Hann
PublishingSimon Byron, Richard Enticknap

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (637600)