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Syberia Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title animation of the game
Main Menu
Inside the Barrockstadt library
The Town of Valadilène
The voyage continues to colder territories
Talking to our mechanical friend
Frosting automatons
A hotel in Valadilène
Kate's Arrival at Valadilène
Our First Puzzle!
Nice Looking Hedge Maze
A Spooky Cemetery
Barrockstadt University
Kate Relaxing On The Train
A Flashback Scene
A graveyard
An Old Industrial Complex
The grave of Hans Voralberg
Outside the hotel in Valadilène
Make your way inside
A high-tech computer room
Use the airship to travel
An important desk
A rather hot place
A "secret place" as the game calls it
Oscar gets his pair of feet.
Train, leaving from Valadilène station
You will encounter many texts to read on your journey to Syberia
Dialogues are done through topics Kate has scribbled upon her notebook
the train at the beautiful Barrockstadt train station
The Barrockstadt aviary train station with the stopped train, the canal to the East and Barrockstadt University in the background
30's architecture in the "Barrockstadt Universität" library. Nitpickers should look at the leaded window dome - the cardinal points are wrong! The inscription says "Nature doesn't make jumps".
Valadilène main street
Kate is like a thief
In a cave
Talking to a boy in the hotel
Calling your boss from the hotel room
Checking other hotel rooms
This factory has been out of use for some time now
Letters and schematics
Looking for clues in the office
At the train station
Now let's see, which level was it...
A walk in the park
On the shore of a small lake
Exploring the area around the university
This is one well stocked library
At the university's chemical lab
Launching sequence
An old shell of a boat