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Symbiocom Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen.
Level 1 intro screen.
Awake again aboard The Rident.
Checking my status.
An empty entertainment room. Where is everybody?
We were attacked!
A floating PDA. Gravity's been deactivated.
Inside the bridge of The Rident.
Charting a course.
Let's see what sort of damage was done.
The engineering room.
A shuttle. Maybe this'll come in handy.
We have explosive.
Inside the shuttle.
We opened a worm-hole. Let's go through it.
Arrived at the Plasfo beacon.
A rusty dilapidated mess hall.
A lookout to the stars.
Who the hell am I? Who the hell are you?!
In the docking bay of the Carswell Colony.
The reception hall.
The main concourse of Carswell Colony.
The kitchens. I wonder if there's any food...
Ah, maybe I can get some rest.
The facilities. I thought they'd look a little more clean.
A survivor!
My inventory screen is never that full.
Got into the ducts again.
Looking up the ceiling of the elevator on to the elevator shaft.
Arrival at Synsm.
The ocean of mercury.
I seem to have an ally.
What happened in here? Why does it seem familiar?
Outside of the secret facility.
It sure is freezing in here!
He kinda reminds me of Istvan Pely... I wonder if it's him.
The truth shall be revealed.
Why's that wormhole generator there?
A dogship docked.