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User Reviews

Shockingly great Unicorn Lynx (181409) 4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars
Intense, pulse-pounding, and challenging. The essential survival horror game. Steelysama (106) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
One of the best games ever made Black Death (6) unrated
The greatest and most harrowing experience in games yet. Shazbut (167) 4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars
Falls just a little bit short of genius, but amazing game nonetheless. Zovni (10623) 4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars
Sadly overlooked fps/rpg Terrence Bosky (5458) 4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars
Spooky Baxter (41) 4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars
Play it coop, there's little original MP games out there MichaelPalin (1418) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
Scary, frustrating and unbelievably good. Mattias Kreku (439) 4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars
If you don't think games have the power to scare you, I dare you to play this one Jim Newland (60) 4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.1
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.7
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.2
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.9
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.3
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.4
Overall User Score (256 votes) 4.1

Critic Reviews

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Génération 4 (Nov, 1999)
Dans le genre, on n'a jamais fait mieux. Amateurs de quake-like et fans de jeux d'aventure vont ĂȘtre ravis.
Meristation (Sep 12, 1999)
Lo bueno: La historia, la ambientaciĂłn, las posibilidades de personalizar el protagonista con sus habilidades y los diferentes modos de juego que se derivan de ello, el sonido, la mĂșsica y los grĂĄficos. Lo no tan bueno: No incluye soporte multijugador (aunque estĂĄ previsto que se le añada con un parche) y los personajes mejorarĂ­an mucho con algunos polĂ­gonos de mĂĄs.
From the word go, System Shock 2 is, hands down, the most unsettling and frightening game I've ever played. There is no doubt that something very, very bad happened aboard the Von Braun, and this is conveyed masterfully by the game's graphics, the pacing of the story, and its unbelievable sound effects. Taken as a whole they pull the experience off seamlessly, and the result is truly spectacular.
Good-Evil.net (Mar 26, 2007)
System Shock 2 is far too dense and deep to pry apart as such, so I chose to focus on the elements which made it the best game I have ever played. You’re doing yourself an extreme disservice by not trying it, so go scour the bargin bins and hawk the ebay auctions for your own copy. Or ask me and I’ll send you one of mine, the game is just THAT good.
ESC Magazine (Aug 20, 1999)
This game has to go on the list of must-haves; it will alter the way FPS software is approached, forcing other companies to implement quality storytelling and broader characterization. Buy it today, human insect.
Gameguru Mania (Aug 13, 1999)
System Shock is one of a kind game. Not only because it joins in one rpg, 3d action and adventure elements. Mainly it is because its atmosphere which keeps your adrenaline on maximum and makes you instantly jump off your seat.
System Shock 2 is a virtuoso presentation, certainly worthy of the legacy its predecessor wrought. I cannot recommend it highly enough; it’s the best PC game I’ve ever played.
Irrational Games and Looking Glass have outdone themselves with the modified Thief: The Dark Project engine. Don’t get me wrong, the graphics aren’t ground-breaking, but they are better than par for a serious game at this point. It's the overall design of the levels, the architecture, the art, and the sound that makes for the deep suspension of disbelief. The AI is excellent, your enemies are smart, and they will stalk you, hide, and come back for you later. Everything about System Shock 2 screams excellence, and makes it what I believe to be the best game on the scene since Half-Life. If you don’t have it already, go get it and get back to the real deal.
Overall, this game is a marvel. I was very happy when I heard that this game was in development, but never thought it could be nearly as good as the original. I was pleasantly surprised when I found that it is not only much better than I had originally anticipated, it is completely worthy of the name System Shock. Bottom Line: Just an excellent game, a true contender for game of the year. The graphics and sound combine perfectly to create a moody, dark, and scary environment. The storyline is riveting and creepy. The interface is detailed, but perhaps just a bit too complex.
Irrational Games and Looking Glass have produced one of the best games I've ever played. System Shock 2 is truly scary, smart, challenging, fascinating, and disturbing. I recommend it to any adventurous adventure player.
If you liked System Shock, or Thief, or you just like single-player games that aren't afraid to shatter genre boundaries, pick up a copy of System Shock 2. If all PC games were this good, we reviewers would be out of business.
Withingames (May 20, 2001)
Die Looking Glass Studios gehören zu den kreativsten Spielhersteller ĂŒberhaupt: Klassiker, wie "Ultima Underworld" gehen ebenso auf ihr Konto, wie das letzte Jahr erschienene "Dark Project". Nun liefern sie uns endlich den langerwarteten Nachfolger des 1994 erschienenen Klassikers "System Shock". Das Spiel darf die Auszeichnung "furchterregendste AtmosphĂ€re in einem PC-Spiel" fĂŒr sich verbuchen. Außerdem kann es mit einigen interessanten Rollenspielelementen aufwarten. System Shock 2 ist allerdings nichts fĂŒr Einsteiger und Leute mit schwachem Herz: Der Schwierigkeitsgrad ist sehr hoch, die Schockeffekte reichen an manchen Horrorfilmklassiker heran.
Game Revolution (Aug 01, 1999)
System Shock 2 is, bar none, the best FPS game to come down the pipe in quite awhile. This game proves that there is more to this genre than most developers are willing to give it, and first person games can have more than just constant action. By successfully blending the RPG and action elements, System Shock 2 has assured its place in gaming history. Don't believe me? You can see for yourself with the Demo. Of course, after playing the demo, you're just going to have to go out and buy the game. You won't be sorry.
GamePro (US) (Nov 24, 2000)
Plague against the machine - System Shock 2 inherits the strengths of the original-the cybernetic upgrades, wide variety of weapons and equipment, constantly moving plotline, and fully realized environments full of alien enemies-and jacks it up with an updated version of the engine used in Thief: The Dark Project.
During my final year in college, I forked over a semester's worth of financial aid to purchase my first computer--a 486 DX2/66 with 4MB RAM and a 40 MB hard drive. I did not, unfortunately, have a CD-ROM drive, and so as that format grew in popularity, there were fewer and fewer games that I could install and play. That's when I found the original System Shock.
If playing games is more of a religion than a hobby to you, meet your new bible. And on that same point, if you weren’t a religious person before you started playing, you will be once you’re done. System Shock 2 will scare the hell right out of you — and you’ll like it for that reason. It’s like no other title on the market. Its design is fresh, compelling and oh so addicting. And did I mention it’s scary?
System Shock 2's immersive gameplay and ingenious plot take you on an emotional roller coaster ride that you don't ever want to get off. One moment you're ecstatic after vanquishing a formidable assailant. In the next, the terrifying sights that greet you aboard the Von Braun pierce your heart with icicles of fear. You'll gasp in awe at the extraordinary, and be moved to tears by insights into the day to day lives, desires and fates of the Von Braun's occupants. Games of this calibre are truly a rarity, but this only makes you appreciate them more. System Shock 2 is less of a game and more of a phenomenal sensory experience. Buy it now.
Oldies Rising (Sep 15, 2014)
Malheureusement pour ses fans, System Shock 2 tomba quelque peu dans l'oubli, rapidement éclipsé par des jeux comme Deus EX, Half Life ou encore Bioshock qui n'était autre que sa suite spirituelle puisque supervisé par Ken Levine. Rendons toutefois à César ce qui est à César, en précisant une fois de plus que tous les jeux susnommés n'auraient jamais vu le jour si System Shock ne leur avait pas montré la voie. Malgré sa relative complexité, cette remarquable saga reste toujours aussi intéressante à parcourir aujourd'hui, et sa disponibilité sur Steam ou GOG pour une dizaine d'euros représente une bonne opportunité de s'y essayer...
PC Zone (Aug 13, 2001)
System Shock 2 must rate as having the most suspense ever seen in a computer game. It's almost certainly one of the deepest and most enjoyable role-playing games we've ever played, requiring focus, skill and determination. It's a game you will complete, then play through again. It's nothing short of a classic of its time. Go out and buy it now.
PC Gamer (Oct, 1999)
Just like the original before it, System Shock 2 is a unique and terrifying experience. There were literally moments in this game where I would come to a door and hesitate; I didn't want to go in; I didn't want to see what horrors awaited me on the other side. To me, that sort of vested emotional interest is any computer game's greatest ambition, and System Shock 2 achieves it in style. It's fitting that our first ever Game of the Month award should be given to the stunning return of a classic dating back to PC Gamer's early days. Second chances this good don't usually come around - do yourself a favor and don't miss out on the ride this time.
Pelit (Sep, 1999)
System Shock kakkonen tarjoaa uusille tulokkaille unohtumattoman ensikokemuksen, jota ei pidÀ mennÀ pilaamaan juonesta liikaa lepertelemÀllÀ. Shock ykkösen vanhat ystÀvÀt taas pÀÀsevÀt viimeinkin jatkamaan vuosikymmenen kiistatta parhaan scifi-toimintaseikkailun tarinaa niin, ettÀ se todella tuntuu luontevasti tarinan seuraavalta osalta "kakkososan" sijaan.
Gamer's Pulse (Sep 03, 1999)
System Shock 2 has so much going on, so much to tell about, and so much to do that it's hard to do the game justice in print. Even as I beat the game, I was in shock as to how wonderfully Looking Glass Studios had done in making the game. The game has the most fear-invoking atmosphere I have seen in quite some time. I was constantly finding myself fearing for my character's life, and quite often finding myself startled by a creature sneaking up or a sound coming unexpectedly. The creators of the game must have had an affinity for the art of suspense because this game was a thriller all the way through. Top it all off with absolutely wonderful gameplay, be it puzzles or action, and you have the masterpiece that is System Shock 2. I feel that as far as first person shooters go, Half-Life has seen its day. System Shock 2 is what a sequel should be, and more.
games xtreme (Oct 21, 1999)
SS2 is a great game, despite the small flaws that happen to be mostly related to your machine the game plays well. The great mix of First Person Shooter and RPG elements means it caters for 2 types of people, although you cant play the game using only 1 method there is enough of each in there to satisfy everyone. SS2 is a game I recommend to everyone, it looks good, plays good and sounds good. What more could you want?
Hacker (Sep, 1999)
System Shock 2 je isključivo single/coop igra čija je glavna čar u rekonstrukciji priče iz različitih zapisa, razgovora i susreta te prolaĆŸenje kroz labirint puzzleova do konačne pobjede. Bit ove igre je u otkrivanju i upoznavanju cijelog jednog svijeta, dosad po kompleksnosti neviđenog. Glavni konkurent, Half-life, u usporedbi sa Shockom izrazito je linearan, no mora mu se priznati veća briĆŸnost oko reĆŸije različitih događaja tijekom igre. System Shock, pak, nudi puno zahtjevnije iskustvo koje joĆĄ uvijek nije za svakoga.
Power Play (Sep, 1999)
Bereits „System Shock 1“ hat mir vor Jahren nĂ€chtelang den Schlaf geraubt, und dieser Effekt stellt sich nun auch beim Nachfolger ein. Die Bedienung (eine der SchwĂ€chen des ersten Teils) wurde optimiert, die Grafik kann sich dank der Thief-Engine durchaus sehen lassen, und durch die beklemmende Sci-Fi-Horror-AtmosphĂ€re strĂ€uben sich einem ohnehin des öfteren die Nackenhaare. Mit seiner unglaublichen IntensitĂ€t erinnert „Shock 2“ an „Half-Life“ - schon allein, wenn unvermittelt Terminals explodieren oder Teil der Deckenverkleidung plötzlich zu Boden fallen, steigt der Adrenalinpegel. Wie Charakterwahl und -entwicklung in das Spielgeschehen integriert wurden, ist einfach fabelhaft. Denn, obwohl der Titel optisch auf den ersten Blick wie ein Ego-Shooter daherkommt, verbirgt sich dahinter ein waschechtes RPG der Extraklasse. Man kann wirklich nur hoffen, daß man auf den dritten Teil nicht mehr so lange warten muß, wie auch dieses schlichtweg geniale Sequel.
This sequel lives up to that pedigree. Your old pal Shodan is back, and she's pissed! I'll take attendance for you: engaging story? Here. Great graphics? Present. Addictive gameplay? Yo! Multiplayer support right out of the box? Absent. (Looking Glass says there will be a patch to remedy this. ETA? Unknown.)
RPGFan (1999)
System Shock 2 is a step forward in making a FPS/RPG Hybrid, and if other companies decide to ride on this bandwagon, it can only benefit the RPG community. While the story is a bit predictable, it is still quite interesting to follow and it is definitely worth following through to the end. Final comment? If you like First Person Shooters as well as RPGs and have the necessary system to run it, you owe it to yourself to buy System Shock 2. It may very well be a shoe-in for the PC game of the year.
Einen Ruf als kreativer Entwickler von Programmen allerhöchster QualitĂ€t hatte sich Looking Glass schon vor vielen Jahren erworben. Etwas wehmĂŒtig erinnerten wir uns an PrachtstĂŒcke wie "Ultima Underworld", "Terra Nova" oder "System Shock", war es um die Entwickler in den letzten Jahren doch erheblich stiller geworden. Titel wie "Flight Unlimited 2" zielten auf einen gĂ€nzlich anderen Spielertyp. Mit "Dark Project - Der Meisterdieb" feierte man aber Anfang des Jahres eine triumphale RĂŒckkehr in alte Reviere. Und dieser Erfolg wird nun vermutlich wiederholt werden. Wer auch nur das geringste Interesse am Spieltyp "3D-Shooter + Etwas ganz Besonderes" besitzt, kommt an "System Shock 2" nicht vorbei.
Gaming Age (1999)
I could go on and on about System Shock 2, games like this only come once in a blue moon. This is one of the best PC games of all time, no doubt about it. It is a total experience, and any fan of first-person shooters, or just great stories, need to have this in their PC game library.
Power Unlimited (Oct, 1999)
Een zeer spannend sci-fi horror masterpiece met ongekende diepgang, dat met name voor gamers die de sfeer van Half-life zo geweldig vonden, verplichte kost is. Gaat dat spelen!
Gameplay (Benelux) (Sep 30, 1999)
System Shock 2 is een 3D shoot 'em up voor ervaren spelers of voor newbies voor wie geen enkele uitdaging te veel is.
Retro Spirit Games (Jul 05, 2013)
System Shock is an incredibly deep game, but is so well designed and executed that it all becomes second nature after a short amount of time spent playing. It can be genuinely scary at times, and will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. It has exciting combat, an addictive looting and upgrading system, and most importantly, bags of atmosphere. It is easy to see why this game is held in such high regard among the PC gaming community, and why is was the most requested title for GOG.com. It is also clear to see why the excellent Bioshock (also developed by Irrational Games) is seen as a spiritual successor, as that game borrows many of the mechanics seen here. If I were to nitpick, I would say the only minor flaws in System Shock 2 are some rather ropey voice-acting, and the last part of the game isn't as much fun as the rest (though it isn't Half-Life 'alien world' bad).
Lastly, even though the game features a novel setting and contains significant RPG elements, gameplay doesn’t evolve significantly beyond that of recent first-person shooters. You’ll spend much of your time firing at enemies around corners, opening crates, and engaging in key hunts that demand meticulous exploration. But the realistic environments, intriguing plot, and creepy atmosphere make SYSTEM SHOCK 2 compelling throughout. A patch is planned to add a cooperative multiplayer mode to give the game additional longevity. Like the original classic, this is a hybrid game that effectively blends a variety of genres into a thoroughly enjoyable, accessible package.
Spel för Alla (Nov, 1999)
System Shock 2 Àr ett vÀl genomtÀnkt och mycket underhÄllande spel. Med tonvikten pÄ problemlösande snarare Àn skottlossning förenas det bÀsta hos flera genrer. Snygg grafik och bra handling utöver detta gör spelet till ett mÄste.
Jeuxvideo.com (Aug 15, 2010)
VĂ©ritable perle mĂȘlant avec habiletĂ© les codes du FPS Ă  ceux du jeu de rĂŽle, System Shock 2 est une aventure inoubliable que tous les fans de science-fiction, de cyberpunk, ou juste de bon goĂ»t se doivent de vivre. Sans commune mesure, le jeu transcende toutes les catĂ©gories pour trĂŽner comme l'excellence d'un genre unique au PanthĂ©on du Jeu VidĂ©o, au mĂȘme titre que son descendant connu sous le nom de Bioshock.
RPGFan (Dec 13, 1999)
In the end, though, the positive aspects of System Shock 2 greatly outweigh the small flaws. With the immersive atmosphere, cohesive gameplay, entertaining story, and terrific villains, System Shock 2 is one experience that anyone with a taste for gaming should try.
Das letzte Mal hat mich Half-Life so vor den Rechner gefesselt. Allerdings schrecken die sehr komplexe Charakterstruktur und der hohe Schwierigkeitsgrad AnfĂ€nger und Gelegenheitsspieler ab. Beide Faktoren sind aber fĂŒr die Spannung und den hohen Suchtfaktor unerlĂ€sslich. FĂŒr mich bis jetzt das beste Spiel des Jahres. Und deshalb auch unsere bislang höchste Wertung 1999.
GameStar (Germany) (Sep, 1999)
System Shock 2 vermengt 3D-Action und Rollenspiel auf so perfekte Weise, als hĂ€tten die beiden Genres schon immer zusammengehört. In Ihrem Helden zĂŒchten Sie keinen Supermann heran, sondern einen Spezialisten: jede FĂ€higkeitssteigerung will gut ĂŒberlegt sein. Einsteiger seien jedoch gewarnt: Stellenweise wird System Shock 2 extrem happig, gerade am Anfang stirbt man sehr schnell - dann mĂŒssen Sie wieder die penetrant langen Wartezeiten beim Laden des Spielstands auf sich nehmen. Dazu kommt die leicht komplizierte Bedienung, die einige Einarbeitungszeit benötigt. Wenn Sie sich davon nicht abschrecken lassen, werden Sie mit dem bislang stimmungsvollsten Spiel dieses Jahres belohnt.
Get this game if you are interested in sci-fi action aiming to scare you. Just remember one thing: Behind you

NZGamer (Apr 11, 2004)
So will you still be playing this game after the initial completion? Yes and no, the yes is if you actual manage to finish the game then chances are you will want to play through again as a different styled character, the no is that chances of you finishing the game are slim, not because the game is bad but because most of the time you will only be able to manage 1 hour stints of it before your spin has tingled so much you have to switch it off, playing this game at night is not recommended. So if you can fight your way past the atmosphere of the game you will be playing this game for many years to come.
Thunderbolt Games (Aug 13, 2005)
Once System Shock 2 is running properly it becomes easy to see why this game is hailed as a classic. Simply put, the creepy atmosphere is incredible. Forget those survival horror games full of cheap scares and dark alleys. System Shock 2 manages to frighten without succumbing to horror contrivances. Considering this game is six years old, it truly is an achievement.
Retrogaming.it (May 22, 2008)
Personalmente lo reputo uno dei migliori giochi di sempre, ma il suo comparto tecnico non eccezionale e una giocabilitĂ  straordinariamente punitiva mi costringono a sottrarlo dalla massima valutazione. Storico, ad ogni modo.
Just Games Retro (Sep 03, 2007)
I don't think it requires a certain kind of person to enjoy System Shock 2, you just have to be willing to accept its style and challenges. And I don't think that people didn't "get it" when it was released, like "OMG! Y R MY GUNZ BrEaKiNg d00d?!?" I think that many people just weren't interested in creeping around, building a character, and using weaker attacks to hoard supplies for later. That's okay, and why I've gone to such trouble to make what you're getting into clear. If any of these descriptions sound intriguing, you're going to have a swell time in a kind of experimental game that doesn't usually get made. As a can't-miss sequel to System Shock though, that's harder to swallow, and why it seems that BioShock was really the game Irrational was out to make all along. Put it this way - I'd be surprised if much of the events here get referenced in a System Shock 3.
FiringSquad (Aug 23, 1999)
Humans like to categorize things. "He's a thoughtful person." "That soup was delicious." You hear descriptions such as these all the time in daily conversation. But only once in a while do you come across a person or object that is truly a tangible idea.
IGN (Aug 20, 1999)
Looking Glass shows the gaming world what constructing a sequel is all about.
Wenn Spannung wie Sand wĂ€re, dann wĂ€re System Shock 2 die WĂŒste. Dieses (un)wohlige Kribbeln erzeugen in der Regel nur sehr gute Filme. Insoweit ist System Schock ein Cocktail aus Alien und einem Alfred-Hitchcock-Streifen. Zartbesaitete GemĂŒter sollten schon mal eine Schachtel Valium bereitlegen, denn die vielen Leichen und der gruselige Plot zehren gehörig an den Nerven. Die unzĂ€hligen Möglichkeiten um die Spielfigur aufzuwerten, gehen mir persönlich zwar schon etwas zu weit, aber an Aufhören habe ich zu keinem Zeitpunkt gedacht. Mein Tip: Unbedingt kaufen!
PC Games (Germany) (Sep, 1999)
Wie bereits sein VorgĂ€nger ist auch System Shock 2 eine harte Belastungsprobe fĂŒr die Nerven. Wenn man schon vor einem harmlosen Fliegenschwarm panisch flĂŒchtet, zeugt das von der atemberaubenden AtmospĂ€hre des Spiels. Der Schwierigkeitsgrad ist dabei angenehm hoch - und wenn man wie ich die Eigenschaften der Spielfigur in eine völlig falsche Richtung entwickelt, ist System Shock 2 nur mit sehr viel MĂŒhe zu gewinnen. Dennoch war ich schon nach etwa 15 Stunden am Ende des Spiels angelangt, was zwar eindeutig zu schnell ist, aber auch zum Erneuten Spielen einlĂ€dt.
Gamezilla (Sep 30, 1999)
Those of you who have read my previous reviews know that I’m not big into “role-playing third-person shooters” where you run and jump, etc., etc. But boy, did System Shock 2 suck me in and not let me go. It’s been two weeks since I got this game and I look forward to playing it every day. Each day I say to myself, "Okay, let's see if we can get a little farther today and maybe figure out what went wrong with the ship," so on the addictive rating it is way up there. I never had the opportunity to play the original System Shock, but if it is anything like its sequel I can see why people love this game. On that note, gentle reader, I give System Shock 2 a score of 88/100.
PC Soluces (Oct, 1999)
Si vous avez regretté qu'Half-Life ne propose pas une aventure plus complexe, nul doute que System Shock 2 comblera vos attentes. En revanche, si vous jouez à Quake III en réseau et pensez qu'il s'agit du meilleur jeu de l'univers, restez sur Quake III.
Gry OnLine (Dec 22, 2000)
Do kogo ta gra jest adresowana? Na pewno do wszystkich fanĂłw cyberpunku. W System Shock 2 będą mogli naprawdę się wyszaleć. Fani cRPG teĆŒ nie powinni czuć się zagubieni i w przerwie pomiędzy polowaniami na smoki mogą poprĂłbować wƂamĂłw do komputera. Co z resztą - powinni sprĂłbować. Gra reprezentuje rzadki gatunek, ktĂłry moĆŒe jednych wciągnąć na wiele godzin, a innych po kilku minutach odepchnąć. Jednak ci, ktĂłrym przypadnie do gustu mają zagwarantowane wiele godzin rozrywki na wysokim poziomie.
PC Joker (Oct, 1999)
(German version)
Keine Sorge. Electronic Arts konnte die beklemmende Spannung der SF-Handlung praktisch verlustfrei ĂŒber die HĂŒrden der Synchronisation retten, Viele Fans empfanden im VorgĂ€nger die elektronische Stimme des grĂ¶ĂŸenwahnsinnigen Supercomputers Shodan mit teutonischem Zungenschlag ja sogar als bedrohlicher und auch diesmal stimmt die technische QualitĂ€t. Dass man in der englischen Fassung einen Tick mehr Wortwitz und etwas exaktere Formulierungen findet, liegt eben in der Natur eines Originals. Wichtiger ist, dass die teils recht umfangreiche LektĂŒre im Abenteuer (E-Mails, LogbĂŒcher etc.) mit ihren Handlungsanweisungen und Lösungshinweisen jetzt fĂŒr jedermann verstĂ€ndlich ist.
PC Joker (Sep, 1999)
Ganz persönlich hat mich System Shock 2 von der ersten Minute an gefesselt. Die Rollenspielelemente wurden konsequent ausgebaut, ich hatte immer das GefĂŒhl Teil eines lebendigen Szenarios zu sein. Eine Ă€hnlich dichte AtmosphĂ€re vermittelt aus der Egoperspektive allenfalls „Half-Life“ — jedoch zum Preis von deutlich geringerer KomplexitĂ€t. Es wĂ€re also wirklich schade, wĂŒrde dieser PC-Schocker wegen der angegrauten PrĂ€sentation keine Fans unter der neuen Spielergeneration finden: Die gelungene Steuerung macht den Einstieg in den modernisierten Klassiker leicht, die GesamtqualitĂ€t stimmt.
Just RPG (1999)
In fact, I will start playing it as soon as I get back from the local waterworks. I owe them an apology for calling their repairmen ‘pipe-wielding zombies’ when they came to fix the plumbing in the neighbourhood.
Svenska PC Gamer (Nov, 1999)
Vissa saker tĂ„l att upplevas igen, och till den kategorin hör SS2. Även om intrigen Ă€r lite rörig, enligt den modell som överambitiösa manusförfattare brukar anvĂ€nda, faller pusselbitarna sĂ„ smĂ„ningom pĂ„ plats och man börjar förstĂ„ hur allt hĂ€nger ihop. Medan man spelar har man vĂ€ldigt roligt, och emellanĂ„t kĂ€nner man suget efter det nĂ€r man stĂ€ngt av.
GameSpot (Aug 25, 1999)
System Shock 2 both retains the best attributes of its predecessor and provides a fresh experience in its own right.
WomenGamers.com (Aug 30, 1999)
Being a fan of the venerable System Shock, I was eager to get my hands on the new sequel. After perusing the manual, installing the game, and setting up my system preferences, I dove into a remarkable game that from the start eerily embraces you. It is immediately reminiscent of other Looking Glass titles like Ultima Underworld or Thief that combine unique gameplay with action game pacing to provide a special experience.
Game Over Online (Aug, 1999)
The one sad flaw I would have to comment on in this title is that the RPG aspect is still rather shallow, I would have loved to see your stats upgrade as you use them often. Perhaps still being able to ?buy? your stats as well, but as with any real RPG, you gain advances as you utilize them which gives much more of a thrill then just popping by a terminal and buying them. The game is rather short to, having completed it in 10 hours (that?s what the saved game says, x2 to get the actual playing time) is still rather short, although for most people it should keep them happy for many an evening. System Shock 2 certainly appealed to me, although looking back on it now, it is hard to explain what made it fun to play. Perhaps it's the whole atmosphere of the game, the unraveling of a long story while blowing away evil looking things, the satisfaction of getting one step closer to the master behind it all.
One minute you're bashing squishy grey matter with a wrench, the next you're taxing your frontal lobes. t's a strange combination, but it works, mainly because of the genuinely creepy atmosphere. SS2 has some very disturbing aspects and an overall air of menace that stays with you even when you've turned off the computer. This is what great gaming is all about.
Games Finder (Jan 30, 2014)
With so many great role playing elements woven into the core first person shooter experience it’s easy to see why System Shock 2 was so popular.
Edge (Oct 01, 1999)
With a tightly scripted plot, great audio, and measured, challenging progression, System Shock 2 is a far from typical FPS outing. Its engine is not at the cutting edge of PC graphics but, grasping the baton from its lamentably overlooked forebear, it succeeds in offering an advanced, progressive spin on firstperson gaming mainstays. With all due respect to Rebellion, this is the game that Aliens Vs Predator perhaps should have been.
System Shock 2 is the sequel to the sleeper hit System Shock. True to its name, the sequel brings forth another epic fight against a new army of mutants, robots, and cyborgs. As with the original game, you and your cybernetic implants stand as the last chance between humanity and its destruction. Again, a corrupted AI is killing everyone around you and you are charged with the mission to destroy it. This time, there is a wider array of weapons, upgrades, and psychic powers at your disposal to aid your quest to fight the enemies and stay alive.
Player One (Jan, 2000)
MĂ©langeant plusieurs genres, System Shock 2 est donc un petit jeu sympa qui sort du lot. Pour cette raison, et malgrĂ© ses quelques dĂ©fauts, il mĂ©rite le coup d'Ɠil.
JeuxVideoPC.com (Jan 17, 2005)
S’il y a des jeux qui ont marquĂ© leur Ă©poque, par une approche novatrice ou l’exĂ©cution quasi-parfaite d’un genre connu, System Shock fait partie de ceux-lĂ . Dans le premier volet de la sĂ©rie, dĂ©veloppĂ© par Looking Glass, vous luttiez contre une entitĂ© informatique dĂ©sireuse de mettre un terme au rĂšgne des hommes dans une ambiance Ă  mi-chemin entre Tron et Blade Runner. Pour cette suite trĂšs attendue, Irrational Games a prĂ©fĂ©rĂ© suivre le modĂšle du huis clos spatial rendu populaire par la sĂ©rie Alien Ă  l’écran

Aftonbladet (Oct 04, 1999)
Kombinationen Quake-spel och rollspel verkar lovande. Men uppdragen gÄr mest ut pÄ att springa fram och tillbaka i enorma byggnadskomplex och hitta pusselbitar, dÄ och dÄ avbruten av nÄgon enstaka zombie eller muterad apa (!). Som actionspel Àr spelet bara godkÀnt. Grafiken Àr detaljerad och fin och vapnen vÀlavvÀgda. För rollspelsdelen blir betyget bara blÀÀÀ. Det finns för fÄ saker att pÄverka, och man mÀrker ingen skillnad nÀr ens fÀrdigheter förbÀttras. Och - se till att ha en kraftig dator, annars gÄr det segt.

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