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System Shock 2 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Intro: a creepily familiar face appears right away...
Intro: the future looks so good with the bustling activities on the spaceship Rickenbacker...
The game starts here. Note the amount of detail even in this supposedly abstract area - all you need to do here is create your character
A very nice urban area with interesting details - remember it, because the rest of the game won't have anything like this ever again
The all important decision: which type of person do you want to be
The Medical Bay is the first large stage of the game. You try to attack pesky psionic monkeys with a wrench. That doesn't quite work
The hybrid is the most common and recognizable enemy in this game. They appear early on, attack relentlessly, and seem to be unimpressed by my offering of a fine gadget
Yup, that's just what I need now!.. Exploring living quarters - there are lots of items to be found
As Bart Simpson would say - 'I didn't do it'... Showing my new energy handgun to a decapitated corpse
Busy activity with hybrids using shotguns and alike. But guess what - I have one too!..
Rumbler, Life rings and a Grenade Launcher
Dead crew member in Hydroponics
Hacking can get you out of a mess
Hmm, how do I shoot him?..
Map and inventory are superimposed on the screen
The RPG features are quite important. Use this terminal to gain new abilities!
Disturbing organic elements become more prominent as the game advances. Here, you see strange large eggs protected by a turret
My eyes are right here!.. ... Listen... I don't feel ready for such an intimate contact yet
Flashy battle between me and an oversized, maniacal security robot
Wait a second... I have seen this face before!..
Dancing? No, sir. This hybrid can throw grenades - and he will, unless I launch one first!..
One of the very rare instances in the game when you can actually see a living person. But how can you get to him?..
The Recreational Area would have been a great place if it weren't patrolled by slick suicidal robots
Blood has been spilled in the house of the Lord -- and it's been turned upside down...
The "stimulation units" on the recreation deck allow you to choose between different "pleasure models". Meet Sven
Use the Force, Luke!.. Intense battle between me and a creepy monkey in a toilet. Seriously!..
Practicing elegant dancing moves, honey?.. Nope. This assassin will throw discs at me until I die
I didn't know I could view works of art in this game!..
One of my favorite activities when waiting for a tram is looking at a crazy giant spider about to leap at me from that bench
More weapons, more effects... Trying to destroy strange alien objects in the Rickenbacker Pod
Ouch. Those insects sting hard - and look who is coming from behind!..
You know a game is nearing its end when you are being teleported to weird organic levels
Shoot him in the bum!..
Beauty before my eyes
Viewing an inventory of a strong character late in the game; also, reading SHODAN's message. This is it. The final stage of the game begins...
Tutorial level - in VR
Now, you can learn how to use gun.