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Tabloid Tycoon Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main menu has a lot of pictures of people and things you could find in many tabloids
Choose your game type and skill level
Choose your company logo from 15 choices and name your company
This is the main screen. From here, you have complete control over your tabloid from 10 different "hot spots"
View, hire, and fire your staff from the staff screen
Investigating leads is the most important part of the game. Use your reporters and photographers to prove your leads are true.
Personalize the stories using a Mad Libs style format. This has no affect on your paper other than how it looks.
You can then preview your story after making the changes to the text.
Don't have any good leads? Purchase one from a freelance reporter.
Are your opponents causing you trouble? Perform espionage on them and hope you succeed.
If espionage is not good enough for you, try your hand at sabotage for even larger rewards... and fines.
Need an edge? Buy some items to help your reporters and photographers, or pick up luxury items in order to hire that big-time reporter or photographer.
After each turn, you can see how your staff did with researching the leads. An increase in any category is helpful.
Every week, you must choose stories to place in your tabloid. Try to have true, yet interesting, stories or you risk being sued.
After you create your tabloid, you can see how well it sold compared to the other tabloids.
Here, you can see any lawsuits filed against you as well as the results of any espionage actions and any court cases.
Being sued isn't pretty. You'll have 4 choices to make if you are sued. Choose wisely.
Negotiating can reduce what you have to pay for a lawsuit if you are good at it.
The archive room lets you view your past tabloids and save them as HTML to share with others.
Here is a full view of your tabloid.
Looking to expand? Doing so allows you to have more pages in your tabloid and more employees, but increases the amount you can be sued for.
Check out how your finances are doing on the reports screen.
Graphs provide a good view of your past 10, 50, or 100 issues.
There are random special events that can happen... sometimes they are good, sometimes they are bad.
Your choice on a special event will have an outcome... in this case, it was good for me and bad for them.
Your objectives are easily visible.
By doing well, you can win awards from bronze to gold.
View your trophy case to see what awards you have and what you still need to get.
Completing the objectives in Enterprise mode sets you up with even harder objectives. Thankfully, you continue from where you were on the previous "level."
Use the story editor to create your own stories and import your own pictures (friends???) to be used in the game.