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Advertising Blurbs

www.atari.fr (French):


    100% frags... 100% adrénaline !
    Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror vous plonge dans l'univers haletant et trépidant du l'anti-terrorisme.

    Vous présenter le célèbre mod du plus réaliste des FPS serait un affront ... mais nécessaire tant il vous laissera bouche bée ! Exploitant pleinement la puissance du moteur d'Unreal jusque dans ses derniers retranchements, Tactical Ops : Assault on Terror peut se targuer d'un réalisme sans précédents avec cette version stand-alone.

    Dans cette campagne solo vous évoluerez sur quelques 18 cartes aux environnements exclusifs parfaitement modélisés, qui mettront vos nerfs à rude épreuve ! Pour les plus nostalgiques, les cartes les plus populaires disponibles en réseau seront bien évidemment présentes.

    Il ne vous reste plus qu'à choisir votre camp !


    • Le Mod référence du plus réaliste des FPS, jouable en mode coopératif ou solo
    • 18 cartes dessinées dans les moindres détails, incluant les plus populaires des versions « réseau »
    • Des cartes exclusives pour de nouvelles missions toujours plus haletantes
    • Des environnement exclusifs variés, tels que les neiges de l'Antarctique, les déserts arides du Moyen Orient...
    • Une réalisation 3D fantastique qui vous immerge au c“ur de l'action,
    • Un arsenal nouveau, fidèlement modélisé, digne des plus grandes missions !

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Oct 06, 2005.

www.atari.com.au - Press Quotes:
    "The basics of Tactical Ops will be very straightforward, particularly for any Counter-Strike veteran."

    "You'll likely get at least seven new or updated maps, set in a Mexican mining village, the back alleys of Glasgow, and a chilly Swedish port, among others. Some of the maps look really impressive at this stage, showing off the Unreal graphics engine with ultra-detailed textures and artistic lighting. Other little visual details will stand out, too. For example, you'll leave footprints in the snow, not to mention blood trails, if you're wounded. “

    "It's quite polished in many respects. It uses the same Windows-like menu system that Unreal Tournament fans have grown to love. It rocks when played well. It looks good. It's fun “ - GameSpy

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Feb 06, 2005.


    Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror is a true-to-life counter terrorism PC game powered by the Unreal Engine. Chose to play on the elite Special Forces team and stop the terrorists from killing hostages and preventing you from escaping! Once on team has been wiped out, both teams will be given cash based on their performance in the round. Money can buy new weapons, items and inventory. Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror focuses on action over realism and includes many real-life weapons, and many scenarios that could be real-life situations.


    • Constant life or death action. The main strategy in Tactical Ops is to stay alive. Every doorway you walk through could be a trap and every corner you turn could be your last
    • Real Life weapons and real life situations. Each of the 18 different maps places you in a realistic environments (train station, mountain village), arms you with standard military issue and puts you in a scenario covert military forces encounter every day
    • An arsenal of the best weapons money can buy. Upgrade your gear by purchasing more powerful machine guns, sniper rifles, bullets, body armour, grenades and more...
    • Work as a military team. Providing cover and guarding doorways keeps fellow team members alive and adds to the realism of a true tactical operation.
    • Make a difference. The cimputer keeps track of your military statistics (#of kills etc) and in the end declares on team the winner
    • New graphic engines based on the Unreal Engine. Amazing 3D worlds with awesome lighting, textures and model detail.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Feb 06, 2005.