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atari mania
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Written by  :  Joel Segerbäck (656)
Written on  :  Jul 19, 2004
Rating  :  3.33 Stars3.33 Stars3.33 Stars3.33 Stars3.33 Stars

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Yet another Counter-strike clone, but do we need it?

The Good

Well, the maps and graphics are far better than in CS, there are also more interesting weapons than in CS (where you mostly used 2 or 3 weapons, one SMG, one sniper rifle or one ordinary rifle). In Tactical Ops you are using more of the weapons, based on the map you are playing and, of course, which weapons you like. Some of the more interesting weapons is an M16 equipped with a grenade launcher and a russian extremely effective automatic rifle using shotgun shells. You don't earn the money directly after killing an enemy, you have to run to his body and pick up some money which is dropped by it. A good way to stop campers i suppose. In my opinion this is far better than CS in every aspect but ...

The Bad

... well. Personally I don't really like Counter-strike types of games, and Tactical Ops is nothing that keeps my interest for a longer amount of time. And it really shouldn't have been sold as an stand alone game, as it IS and always will be an Unreal Tournament mod. It just doesn't work as a stand alone game for me. There are plenty of maps and AI bots if you don't want to play online. But the AI is horrible. If they don't accidentially kill each other by throwing a grenade at you that doesn't reach, they just run straight at you shooting, and are usually too easy to kill if you have a sniper rifle (they don't react when their mate is shot in the head, and they don't try to hide). This game should be played online, but as in CS, there are a lot of annoying people on the servers killing their team mates and act extremely stupid. But it's great for LAN games or so where you know the people you are playing with.

The Bottom Line

A good Counter-strike clone. Actually better than the original, but not worth to actually pay for. If you have Unreal Tournament, download the mod. If you don't - buy Unreal Tournament instead and download the mod. If you have a slow connection and can't download the mod, don't buy it. As you have to download a pretty giant patch anyway, and if you don't have bandwidth enough to download it, you probably don't have enough to play it either --- avoid playing offline as the AI is horrible.

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