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Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 2 - The Siege of Spinner Cay Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu.
Voodoo lady recapping the events from the previous episode.
Main title.
Morgan LeFlay, Mighty Pirate Hunterâ„¢.
Sword fight
Guybrush seemed to have lost his hand in a sword fight, good thing there's a hook near by.
Nautical map.
Guybrush and a cannon.
Searching for buried treasure on one of the smaller islands.
Arriving at Spinner Cay on your quest to fix the ship's mast and find Elaine.
Chapter 2 kicks in after the prologue.
All your friends are fish!
Talking to a merperson
Trouble is brewing on Jerkbait islands between the Mer-people and the pox-cursed pirate captain.
Guybrush tries to explain what went wrong in the previous episode.
Reunited with your wife, but for how long.
Elaine uses her sad puppy look on Guybrush.
Checking the library for some interesting books.
The Pox kicks in.
Guybrush shows his inventory.
Travel to Spoon Isle.
Using the raft to travel between smaller islands in Jerkbait island area.
Guybrush doesn't trust LeChuck.
Reluctantly helping LeChuck figure out the shell contraption.
Exploring the jungle.
Found DeCava's place, but he is nowhere to be found... better search the shack thoroughly.
Trying to pry out the summoning symbol with no luck.
Ship's mast has been repaired, we can fight now if necessary.
Exchanging the coupon for some fish bait.
These pirates are holding one of the summoning symbols, need to find a way to take it from them.
This is Guybrush's way of fishing.
The staring contest.
The marquis is no longer satisfied with just your hand, he wants the whole you now.
Such a beautiful scenery.
McGillicutty's armada is attacking the Jerkbait islands.
Guess some of your pox rubbed on your wife as well.
Guybrush rather enjoys seeing LeChuck wrestle with the McGillicutty's crew.
Pouring gold to create a fake summoning symbol.
Elaine is providing the distraction for you.
Sneaking past the blockade.
McGillicutty is holding the Mer-queen hostage.
Facing-off McGillicutty will require all the Guybrush's cunning, rather than brute force.
Sinking the enemy ship and rescuing the Mer-queen.
Guybrush receives his reward from the Merfolk leader.
Summoning the sea creatures to help you find the Giant Sponge to lift off the pox curse.
Elaine is choosing LeChuck over you... good thing you two don't have any trust issues.