Tales of Symphonia Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Lloyd and Colette from the intro
A save point
Some chit chat between the characters
Incoming monsters
Fight on!
I won the fight
Can't enter that house
Found Martels Temple
The temple looks kind of impressive
The Desians is clearly the bad guys
Time for a boss fight
Oh! I got a new title
My party
I only know one tech so far
My inventory
Setting up a combat strategy
Status screen
That way is blocked by a magic seal
Here the player can brush up on the story so far
All know recipes are kept here
This tower is the ultimate goal
Genis has been a bad boy...
Inside a house
The game makes sure that the player won't wander off in the wrong direction
A helpful in game hint
Traveling out in the open
They've spotted me
Home sweet home
Don't forget the dwarven vows
Time for a rest
Entering Triet
Just a normal store tent
At the fortune teller
Lloyd is trapped
Better finish him off before he completes that incantation
Monster info. Not very much is known about this monster yet
The entrance to the ruins is open
It's rather dark down here
Beaten by a mimic
Game over