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Tank Racer Credits (Windows)

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Tank Racer Credits

A Glass Ghost Production -

Team LeaderSimon Carless
Lead DesignerSimon Carless
Lead CoderAdrian Hawkins
CodeMatt Hobbs, Robin Carlisle, Tim Dinsdale
Lead ArtistChris Williams
ArtistsGuy Ratcliffe, Mark Steele
Additional GraphicsAdonis Stevenson, James Brooksby
Pre‑rendered AnimationGeorge Grimshaw (Elvis)
Sound EffectsLee Banyard, Paul James
Intro + CutScene Video TechnicianPaul James
QA TeamGraham Dickson, Steven Masters, Mark Whyte
ProducerGabriella Diffley
Development ManagerKevin Holloway
Production DirectorIan Baverstock
MusicMono211 Records ‑
Bay Tremore - 'Tremors' composed byTomi Korkalainen
D-Tour - 'Our Tour' composed byDaniel Botschinsky
D-Tour - 'Upcoming' composed byDaniel Botschinsky
Substance - 'Bazooka Groove' composed byJoonas Vahamaki
Substance - 'Cyclone Breaks' composed byJoonas Vahamaki
Waterloop - 'Wait' composed byJani Niiranen
Vim - 'Lemonite' composed byKeith Baylis
Dharma - 'Gu-Xam-Pa' composed byJouni Helminen
Ramone - 'Blitz' composed byAndi Horvath
Ramone - 'Walther' composed byAndi Horvath

For Grolier Interactive -

Executive ProducerIan Mathias
ProducerStewart Gilray
QA ManagerSteven Archer
TestersTrevor Massey, Ian Tuttle
IT SupportJohn W. List, John Edwards
MarketingJulia Coombes
Product ManagerJoanne Rayment
Assistant Product ManagerLynne Morgan
PublicityNick Walkland, Emmanuel Tramblais
Production ManagerHazel Potier

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (231102)