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Taxi Racer Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Options screen
High scores (they are not being saved, so they'll always revert to these default entries.)
Selecting one of the three cars.
Loading screen
The fare depends on the distance of the destination only, it does not decrease if you take longer to get there.
Picking up another customer.
You can cut across the greens to save some time.
Approaching a large intersection.
Heading towards the beach and the sea.
The yellow circle marks your passenger's destination.
Driving along the waterfront.
Big skyscrapers in the distance.
Heading down a 6-lane highway with the Mercedes.
The collision detection is not always that accurate.
This happens a lot more frequently than you'd like.
Driving a Black Cab through very British looking streets (I automatically started driving on the left).
A stage ends when you run out of time.