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Published by
Buka Entertainment
Developed by
Valve Corporation
Russia flag Russia
Release Date
Oct 10, 2007
4 600974 008932
Published by
Valve Corporation
Developed by
Valve Corporation
Distributed by
Valve Corporation
Worldwide flag Worldwide
Release Date
Oct 10, 2007
Steam release
Developed by
Valve Corporation
Japan flag Japan
Release Date
Apr 04, 2008
4 521923 002156
Published by
Valve Corporation
Developed by
Valve Corporation
Distributed by
Electronic Arts, Inc.
United States flag United States
Release Date
Apr 09, 2008
0 14633 09869 3
Patch History
Jun 23, 2009
  • Added support for the Novint Falcon
  • Added an option to the advanced multiplayer menu to select left or right handed view models
  • Fixed a bug where a spectator's wearable items could be seen floating around the player they were spectating
  • Fixed a bug where a fake Spy hand would appear on the screen of other players
  • Sniper: Critical arrows now have a trail and correctly deal enhanced damage
  • Sniper: The Huntsman now defaults to be right handed
  • Sniper: Friendly arrows will no longer trigger the near miss sound on you
  • Sniper: Removed the movement speed penalty on The Razorback
  • Spy: The Cloak and Dagger now always regenerates at its intended rate.
  • Spy: Fixed disguised Spies showing the wrong teleporter effects when using an enemy teleporter
  • Spy: The Ambassador no longer penetrates buildings
Jun 25, 2009
  • Fixed problem with Loadout Menu "Back" button not preserving the currently equipped weapon
  • Fixed a case where an observer could set the observed player's view models
  • Fixed the Heavy's punches not matching mouse button presses when the view models are flipped
  • Fixed Bonk! ammo count exploit after using a regeneration locker
  • Reverted Force-A-Nature and airblast knockback on disguised Spies, so that they can once again be knocked back
Jul 14, 2009
  • Linux Dedicated Server: Improved connection logic to help servers that aren't automatically reconnecting to Steam
  • Engine: Fixed seeing error dialogs if the "-nocrashdialog" command line parameter is present
  • Fixed minicrits resulting in reduced damage for weapons at close ranges
  • Fixed the Cloak and Dagger not regenerating at the correct rate
  • Fixed being able to respawn during the chat time before a level change
Aug 13, 2009
  • Added King Of The Hill game mode
  • Added custom animations played by the losing team during the post-win state
  • Added lots of new hats
  • Added "Auto Reload" option to the multiplayer advanced options
  • Backpack improvements
  • Updated PLR_Pipeline, Arena_Sawmill, CP_Granary
  • Added community maps Arena_Offblast, Cp_Yukon
  • The Force of Nature, The Sandman item updates
Aug 14, 2009
  • Fixed "r_rootlod" being marked as a cheat
  • Fixed Announcer overtime bug on KOTH servers using mp_timelimit (now optional)
  • Fixed a case where radius damage didn't reduce damage to self
  • Fixed a case where items would never show up in the backpack, even though they were available to equip
Aug 17, 2009
  • Updated PL_Hoodoo.
  • Fixed rocket jumping
  • Fixed sticky bomb attachment to props. They will now only ignore the saws in sawmill
  • Fixed Scouts going into reference pose in double jumps
  • Fixed the Ubersaw not displaying team colors
  • Fixed Spies disguised as RED Scouts not cloaking properly
Aug 21, 2009
  • Orange Box engine: Fixed an exploit that allowed files to be uploaded to the server at arbitrary locations in the file system
  • Orange Box engine: Fixed several server crashes
  • Bullet spread algorithm changed to fire a bullet right down the crosshair under certain circumstances
  • Added a "Disable HTML MOTDs" option to the advanced dialog in multiplayer.
  • Added missing snowpuff particles for DX8 players (honest)
  • Fixed CTF_Sawmill not ending the map when mp_timelimit hits during the middle of a round
  • Fixed the "The Big Hurt" achievement not being awarded for players who already have the required count
  • Added more community requests
Aug 31, 2009
  • Added "tf_allow_player_use" server ConVar to control players executing +use while playing (defaults to 0)
  • Fixed being able to burn players/buildings that are in the water while standing outside the water
  • Fixed teleporting Spies getting stuck in enemy players standing on the exit
  • Fixed the Pyro's airblast pushing Spectators in free-look mode, Pyro's Hadouken killing Scouts that have used Bonk! and are phasing
  • Several other changes plus community requests
Sep 02, 2009
  • Fixed "not on camera object" particle effects appearing while spectating in-eyes, and not appearing when in thirdperson
  • Fixed inventory bug that caused some item pickups not to be shown
  • Added support for client explanations of backend inventory manipulation
Sep 15, 2009
  • Backpack can now hold 100 items
  • Changes to Sandvich, Medic regen, Blutsauger
  • Several weapon, character and animation bugfixes
  • Fixed Halo glow effect not being hidden for cloak/disguised enemy Spies
  • Several other changes to HLTV and Tournament Mode

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