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Adventurearchiv (Mar 11, 2006)
"Tears of Betrayal" doesn't tap its full potential by far, but often brings back smiling memories of classic adventure games, which took weeks or months to complete, however actually with as small means as words, ideas and combinatorics. It's good to know that there are still developers, who try at least to add a drive towards interactivity to the genre, which games with eye-oriented consumer graphics took away from it.
Adventurespiele (Jan 07, 2007)
Tears of Betrayal ist ein nettes Adventure von ca. 15 Stunden Spieldauer. Es werden lediglich Grundkenntnisse der englischen Sprache benötigt, da im Spiel nicht viel gesprochen wird, sondern die Gespräche meistens über eine Textzeile auf dem Bildschirm ablaufen.
Adventure Lantern (May, 2006)
While it has several problems, Tears of Betrayal is still quite an enjoyable experience. Players might get frustrated as James gets stuck when you are trying to explore the town. Having to play the mini-games a considerable number of times to earn enough money can be tedious. However, the mystery behind the accident manages to keep players interested as they search for the truth. The game creates a gloomy atmosphere that not only fits the storyline, but also reflects James’s emotional state. Especially the young man’s visions create a number of memorable moments. Tears of Betrayal may not be perfect, but it is still a commendable first effort from Frixx-iT. The Belgium-based development company most certainly has a lot of promise. If you are interested in a pleasant adventure game to revive the keyboard command system, and if you are willing to look past its problems, consider giving Tears of Betrayal a try.
Quandary (Mar, 2006)
It's good to see an independent adventure game in 3D. Although the graphics aren't overly sophisticated, and there are loading delays between some locations, they are perfectly serviceable. In fact objects such as cars are quite well done with good detail and James' reflection in mirrors works well too. Speaking of James, up close he has an unfortunate countenance and vaguely simian stance which makes him look a bit Neanderthal. Dialogue is all in text as are the descriptions of objects and this works fine. I think Roxanne's is the only voice you hear within the game, apart from the piano player who will sing for a price (and it pays to listen). The music is good and helps to set the atmosphere for the various locations.
Just Adventure (Aug 25, 2006)
Overall, playing ToB was a nice experience, but marred a bit towards the end. But finishing the game gave me a promise that Frixx-It can achieve big things. They know how to creep you out and they know how to create brilliant user interfaces, they just couldn’t take advantage of their full potential yet. All they need is experience, and now that they got the ball rolling I have high hopes for their next production.
Adventure Gamers (Aug 21, 2006)
Nostalgia is a curious beast. Hearing about the old school points system in Tears of Betrayal, along with its combination of mouse and text input, brought back memories of hours spent playing the Police Quest games, so I was quite keen to review this new independent offering. Unfortunately, the game itself failed to recapture such fond memories, proving to be a tedious, broken and ultimately dull adventure that will leave players feeling nostalgic for the better, older games it seeks to emulate.